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Campaign Searching to Recruit Folks 4TH Annual Who Have Quit Using Tobacco Products Diabetes Awareness Walk Do you know a Quitter? The Centers or emphysema (i.e., marked by September 15 for Disease Control and Prevention is restriction in activities or home 3:00 - 6:00 PM 3:30 PM - Registration looking to recruit folks who have quit oxygen), due to their own smoking 4:30 PM - Games & Crafts using tobacco products for a National (ages 30 through 50) Hosted by the Skokomish Tribe 6:00 PM - Dinner & Tobacco Education Campaign. Speaker Who have diabetes (either Type I Walk begins at the The CDC’s Offce on Smoking or Type II) and who have suffered Hood Canal School For more information and Health is currently recruiting health problems as a result of their Dinner at the Twaudug Skokomish Park contact Lynn Hoeisel at individuals to feature in their next continued smoking; this could include 360-709-1744 national tobacco education campaign. amputation of limbs, kidney failure, The campaign will feature real people vision impairment, or blindness (age who have suffered severe health 55 or younger) Diabetes Program Activities conditions caused directly by smoking Who have had a serious asthma or that were triggered by exposure attack triggered by exposure to „ Pilates: At the Community Center – open to all – Tuesday and Friday, to secondhand smoke. Women and secondhand smoke (ages 18 through 11:00 am – Noon in the main gym – for the month of August. men of all backgrounds who have 30). „ Aqua Aerobics: Tuesday 10:00 AM– Noon, Wednesday evening 5:00– been tobacco-free for at least six 7:00 PM with Lynn Hoheisel. months qualify. The CDC is looking Who have used proven strategies to in particular for veterans, American successfully quit smoking (such „ Lunch -time workout. Coming in September. Starting at 12:15 – 12:45. Indian/Alaskan Natives, and as setting a quit date, working with A combo of weights with some aerobic conditioning. All are welcome, individuals who have suffered a heart their health care provider, removing work at your own level. attack due to secondhand smoke; ashtrays and cigarettes from their have symptomatic COPD; have environment, or using an approved „ Biggest Loser Contest: By popular request – we will have a new biggest diabetes and have suffered health medication) and have a compelling loser starting mid-September and ending mid November [just before problems from smoking; or have story to tell us about how they quit Thanksgiving]. had a serious asthma attack due to (age 50 or younger) NIKE N7 shoes are still available, limited sizes and colors – contact exposure to secondhand smoke. Read „ Cindy for availability. the fyer below for more information. We are looking to recruit people Those who are interested can contact who are: Military veterans, LGBT, For more information contact Cindy Beck at 360-709-1810 Mimi Webb Miller Casting or Leslie American Indians/Alaska Natives, or email: Rhoades. Asian Americans, African Americans, Spanish-speaking Hispanics, or LOOKING FOR REAL Whites PEOPLE TO APPEAR IN Strengthening Families AN AD CAMPAIGN ABOUT In order to qualify for this project, THE HEALTH EFFECTS OF you must be: Program A nonsmoker or have been SMOKING—Pays $2,500! „ tobacco-free for at least 6 months Do you have chronic bronchitis, „ Be willing to have a doctor sign Parents and Youth ages 10-14 emphysema, or diabetes? Have you a legal statement saying tobacco had a heart attack or an asthma caused and/or contributed to your Come to this free 7-week program for families of youth ages attack due to exposure to cigarette health condition 10-14! smoke? We are looking for people willing to share their stories about „ Be able to travel to New York City Tuesdays in the Community Center from how smoking has changed their lives. for flming in October 2012 5:00 PM to 7:30 PM starting September 18 We are not looking for actors—we are looking for REAL people. We need your response Free Dinner every week! immediately. Please call or e-mail: Raffe style prizes for kids and parents! We are seeking men and women of all backgrounds: Who have suffered Mimi Webb Miller Casting or Leslie a heart attack due to exposure Rhoades If interested, call: Madelyn Dethlefs 360-709-1717 to secondhand smoke (age 55 or —OR— younger). Who have symptomatic Sheryl Spahr (360)709-1674 COPD, including chronic bronchitis 310-452-0863 or 310-968-6409 Page 6   
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