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Canoe Journey continued... supported our family along the way. paddles up honoring the hosting To the Squaxin Island Tribe and tribe, then proceeding to their region their volunteers for hosting this on the fotilla line in front of the year’s canoe journey, what an grand stand. outstanding job in taking care of all of the canoe families. Again, Thank As the drum rhythm quieted the You so very much!!! crowd, the Water Ceremony was explained, “Our grandmothers and Final Protocol. There was grandfathers have taught us, water excitement in the air for the is medicine. Whenever we are sick Chehalis Canoe Family. Having or sad in spirit, water can help give awaited for that moment to take us strength. On the canoe we have the foor on Friday, August 3 for the greatest respect for the water The Chehalis Canoe Family honored the Squaxin Island Tribe in full Formal Protocol to honor the ragalia with drumming, singing and dancing during final Protocol because we recognize the strength Squaxin Island Tribe. Dancers and of its power. There is no other sang the canoe anthem, a song of ffth year in a row. To his friend on Singers came in full regalia. Elders, element that can fall so gentle as spiritual protection that was gifted the “Barbara Ann” for providing his adults and youth alike taking part the dew or ride so high in the sky to the Squaxin Tribe by Chief Frank support boat giving a much needed in this ceremony. There were many like an eagle, yet carve out hillsides Nelson, a respected cultural leader rest and assisting our canoe and songs, gift giving and smiles as we and disguise itself as a cold rock of from Canada. As the song called all family to get to our fnal destination drummed and sang our songs. A ice. Water has power to help us, but to look upon the water. This is an is greatly appreciated. To Elders small token of our friendship to the we need to take care of the power unspoken prayer for the waters. Donna and Ellery Choke for Squaxin Island people for teaching by being respectful in whatever we assisting us in reserving our spots in about the canoe. Supporting and do on the land.” The announcer Hands-Up to those that helped various locations, those were some praying with us on the land and gave permission to hold up their along the Journey. Our canoe very early mornings for you. To water. Our hands go up to them! An container of water (from their place family gives a “Hands Up” to John Elders, Trudy Marcellay, Dianne outstanding job in Hosting the 2012 uniting the tribes together as one) and Mary Setterstrom for their Devlin and many others for assisting Paddle to Squaxin! and gently pour it into Budd Inlet. time and effort in providing their us along the way. To all the hosting As this happened, all of the paddlers support boat “The Clarity” for the tribes. Thanks to many others who Next year is the Paddle to Quinault. Youth blessing the canoe in Ground Crew unloading the First Time preparation for the journey cargo truck to set up camp Puller! 25 Push ups for Pullers and support crew swearing carrying “tuulap” to the water More Photo’s Page 3... Page 2   
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