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Tribe Hosts Peace and Dignity Runners at the Community Center The Chehalis Tribe with us about how we can hosted the runners take care of the environment for the 2012 Peace and carry peace and dignity and Dignity Journeys within ourselves. We know for a few days at the that many people believe community center. in this cause and will help Tony Medina and his make this a possibility. staff provided food and a place to rest before The Peace and Dignity continuing onto their Journeys is a grass roots next destination. organization that is fully sponsored by the The runners came communities that host in from two routes The Chehalis tribe hosted the Peace and Dignity runners for a few days before the runners. They do not meeting at the Chehalis they left southward to their next part of their journey on their way to their final receive sponsorship from Reservation: They split destination in Guatemala. Each runner carried a staff that was gift them with a corporations, their efforts are in Seattle and one story to be shared along their journey to Guatemala. fully funded and supported group travelled along by hosting communities. the coast; and the other heal from any pain and trauma in short documentations of a specifc group ran from Nisqually. Each their lives that prevents them from region. This year, we would like to Please help spread the word. Invite runner carried a staff as they ran to thinking and walking in balance and document the journey in its entirety, your friends and family! Tell their next destination. with courage in a good way. from Alaska to Guatemala, focusing them about this incredible run that on the stories and songs of the connects indigenous people from The staff ceremony was inspiring to About the Peace and Dignity native communities traversed. North America to South America by witness as the runners circle up to Journey. Every four years, since Although many people may not bringing to life an ancient prophecy introduce themselves, where they 1992, Peace and Dignity Journey be able to run from Alaska to of peace and the importance of were from, shared the story of the participants begin their voyage Guatemala, they believe in the dignity for all. Ask them to support staff they were carrying, and to offer across the continent. Runners start importance of documenting and as we invite everyone to learn about a prayer. In this manner, it allowed simultaneously from both ends of sharing the messages of the elders the Peace and Dignity Journeys of everyone to witness and learn about the continent in Chickaloon, Alaska with everyone. Traditional elders 2012. Please forward widely by other tribes and cultures that were and Tierra del Fuego, Argentina have an important message to share email, Tweet, o, Facebook. shared by Elders. They placed traversing the Western each staff back onto a blanket and Hemisphere by foot, wrapped together for prayers. from community to community and, Most of the runners are young joining together for natives with little or no money. a fnal gathering in This run gives them the opportunity Guatemala. The 2012 to come together for the greater run is dedicated to good of their communities and water, reminding themselves. Elders travelled along to those who have help guide and keep them grounded. forgotten that water On this journey they redirect is an important and their minds on past history of our shared resource for ancestors. Each runner walks in all. their footsteps gently over the face of mother earth, connecting their Since its inception hearts to her heartbeat as did our people have people in generations past. informally documented small By doing this runners gain a better sections of the understanding of themselves and journeys with home Youth Director, Tony Medina escorted the runners that left from Nisqually the world they presently live in. The equipment, and to the community center where they were greeted by tribal Elders, adults journey also helps each individual some have produced and youth. Page 4   
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