Page 8 - August 2012
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Happy Birthday to Tribal Members Born in August! Happy Birthday Happy 7 Birthday Happy Birthday (August 6 ) to Happy 4th Anniversary th th to my Favorite Niece Adrian our sweet little angel Ron & Allissa Fanning Misty Secena! <3 you bunches Hope it’s awesome just Sylvanna “Nana” Bracero. like you She said, she’s 22 and Grandma still calls her Baby…. Love Mom, Dad, Cam, We all love you so much! Eli & Noah Happy Birthday Happy Birthday Love “The Fannings” Dada Mom, Dad, Kyle and Jeremy Johnny Jordan Bray – August 8 th th Anna Banana Bumgarner Ty Bray - August 19 Happy Happy & Your Family I love you! “25th” Birthday “28th” Birthday Love Falisity Love Grandma Kyle Ron Happy Birthday (August 9 ) to my th daughter “Gail White Eagle” Happy Birthday to my son Kly How old are you now? Meas Jr. We love you very much!! Love you long time…..Mommy With love, Mom, Joe and Baby Kly da Turd Love Mom & Dad Page 8   
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