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Tribal Health and Wellness News Communities United Chehalis Tribal Wellness Center for a Healthier Contract Health Services Tomorrow Background If you are interested in participating, NOTIFICATION REQUIREMENTS FOR I.H.S./ CHS HEALTH contact Jhon Valencia at (360) 709- CARE PAYMENT The main goal of the Community 1772 or at jvalencia@chehalistribe. „ Call/notify Chehalis Tribal Wellness Center, CHS before any non- Transformation Grant (CTG) is to org. emergent services are rendered to determine patient eligibility, medical create healthier communities by priority, and to set aside funds for payment. making healthy living easier and more affordable where people work, Back to School „ In true emergencies, notify Contract Health Services within 72 hours live, learn, and play. The CTG after the beginning of treatment. program will improve the health Night of the nation by improving weight, „ Prior notifcation does not guarantee payment for services, unless all nutrition, physical activity, tobacco August 27th CHS requirements are met. use, and emotional well-being and „ Pre-authorization is mandatory and failure to comply is reason for overall mental health. denial of payment. watch for more to come... Health Board Community Coalition Chehalis Tribal Wellness Center Committee Members For more information, 21 Niederman Road - PO Box 570, Jessie Goddard, Chair The members of the Community please contact: Jhon Coalition are essential Oakville, WA 98568 Janice Latch representatives of different groups Valencia at 360-709-1772 DIRECT LINE for Contract Health Marie Griswold within the community and proactive or via email at jvalencia@ Services: 360-709-1725 Greg Burnett believers in a healthy culture and Mary Dupuis environment. Community Health Needs Assessment The Community Transformation Grant’s focus is to work with the residents of the Chehalis Reservation and the town of Oakville. The CTG is in the “capacity building” phase for up to 2 years. As part of this phase, we will be conducting a community health needs assessment that will include looking at: environment, policies and healthy choices for ourselves and our families. The Community Transformation Grant (CTG) has hired consultants from the University of Washington to assist us in the assessment(s) over the next few years of the grant cycle. The main goal is to conduct several different assessments to help us see specifc things we can do to make improvements. As we go through this assessment process, there will be opportunities for you to be involved and give your valuable input. There is the community coalition (mentioned on this page); there will be “key informant” interviews (talking one-on-one); there will be focus groups (talking together in a small group); there will be community “town halls” (large groups settings where we will learn and talk about a certain topic); and there will be community wide events such as the Back to School Night at Oakville School. All of you are invited to participate in one or all of these opportunities. Lunch to follow at the Nisqually Youth Center Feel free to call the CTG staff: Shannon Sullivan @ 360-709-1771, Jhon For more information contact Raylene McCloud Valencia @ 360-709-1772 or Cindy Gamble @709-1658. @ the Nisqually Health Clinic 360-459-5312    Page 5
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