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CHEHALIS The Confederated Tribes of the Chehalis Reservation “People of the Sands” TRIBAL NEWSLETTER June 2013 Free 2013 Tribal Days Memorial Weekend Community Celebrates the It was a very busy week for the Nature did not Chehalis Tribe in preparation of the cooperate as 2013 Salmon Ceremony annual 2013 Chehalis Tribal Days she soaked the The Chehalis Tribal Fish Memorial Baseball Tournament. new baseball Committee selected tribal The tournament was dedicated to felds and fshermen to harvest Spring one of our Tomahawk Legends – games couldn’t Chinook. This salmon ceremony George “Chops” Youckton. There be scheduled occurs before open fshing can were posters describing his impact on the new take place. Every fshing season towards the game of baseball baseball begins with a ceremonial harvest for many of us on the Chehalis complex. for fshers to catch salmon for use Reservation. He willingly shared Tournament in these ceremonies. The timing of his knowledge with those around directors met these feasts matches the arrival of him through stories, both as a the challenge the salmon and the fshers spend player and as an elder. He was a with a decision The women demonstrate good sportsmanship several nights fshing until there is very respected individual. to postpone the after a highly competitive game during the enough fsh to feed everyone. coed softball tournament. 2013 Chehalis Tribal Days games for the weather was off and on showers, Ross Davis, along with a few of Memorial Baseball Tournament following weekend. but teams played on. During his mentors returned this salmon the day on Sunday a torrential ceremony to the Tribe. Many The weather hinted at a good Saturday, May 25 kicked off the downpour caused the men’s can remember having it at the possibility of cooperating with the men’s hardball and women’s hardball game to be temporarily old pit where the Elders building directors of the tournament, who softball games. Elders Mel postponed. The grounds crew now stands. The purpose for this were coordinating their efforts to Youckton, Dan “Bones” Gleason added an ample supply of diamond ceremony is to welcome the frst make it a successful weekend of and Art Medina threw out the dry to the felds in order to salmon of the season and show competing in “Ol’ Fashion Indian frst pitch to start the tournament. continue with the tournament. The respect to the salmon in order to baseball.” Unfortunately, Mother Saturday was a decent day as the Continued on Page 2 ensure a good run. They taught us Tribal Member Receives 2013 Governor’s Leadership for Youth Award that if the salmon were not treated well, they would become offended and would stop coming back. They On Thursday, May 30, the Boys him my friend. Congratulations handled everything in a ritual & Girls Club of Thurston County Don Secena!” manner. hosted their annual event to issue The frst salmon caught for the the 2013 Governor’s Leadership Don Secena Bio: ceremony was set aside to honor for Youth Award. This award the salmon , and then the bones is issued to someone who has Don has lived in Oakville his entire were foated back downstream. dedicated a large portion of their life. He was part of inaugural class Continued on Page 3 life supporting kids. for the Chehalis Tribal Head Start Inside and he went on to attend Oakville Joe Ingoglia, Chief Executive schools. As a young man he Historical Preservation Offce ........... 3 Offcer said, “This year’s award worked seasonally as a frefghter 2013 Tribal Health Fair ..................... 4 ceremony was really special for me until he secured a position at the Wellness News .................................. 5 to able to give it to Don Secena. It Lucky Eagle Casino. He began Traditional Foods .............................. 6 wasn’t about what his job is, it was his career there in security and South Bank Road Construction ......... 7 about a man who really cares and eventually worked his way up to June Birthdays ................................... 8 volunteers his time. I am honored Shipping and Receiving Manager. Honor a Legend ................................. 9 to know this wonderful and high Tribal member Don Secena He sits on the Oakville School Student of the Month ....................... 10 quality gentleman. He is honest received the 2013 Governor’s Head Start Super Hero Day ............. 11 and sincere and I am glad to call Leadership for Youth Award. Continued on Page 3 Cemetery Clean-up, more Photos ... 12
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