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Salmon Ceremony continued from page 1.... Youth in almost fourteen years. The Tribal Member Receives Songs and prayers were sung to the desserts and other delicious food. kids did a great job. Leadership Award salmon people to show that we “The The cooks prepared the eleven fsh continued from page 1..... Chehalis People” thanked them for harvested in the traditional Chehalis The Chehalis Canoe Family shared Board where he has served for six continuing to bring nourishment manner at our tribal fsh pit. songs with the community adding years as a tribal liaison and facilities to our bodies and to provide a safe coastal salish drumming and collaboration between Oakville fshing season to follow. This year the children learned the singing. and tribal members. For 10 years salmon song. The song was sung he served on the Chehalis Tribal On Tuesday, May 14, the Chehalis entirely in the Chehalis language. Gifts were given to many people council as Fifth Council member Tribe had the Annual Salmon The Tribal Youth dressed up in the who spent time and energy in and was also Vice-Chairman for six Ceremony at the old fsh pit. There regalia provided to them. The youth making this ceremony a success. It years. were many people that attended this paraded in singing and dancing with was a day to remember, gathering to frst salmon ceremony, gathering salmon sticks. The song and dance feast and celebrate in honor of the Don and his wife Mary are very in “Potluck Style,” bringing salads, had not been performed by Tribal salmon people. passionate about helping youth. Great job They have two granddaughters, everyone in six grandsons, and have fostered making this many children over the years. He honorable has done a lot of work with the celebration a Indian Child Welfare program, success. and through this work he realized that when it comes to working with youth “we can do better.” He said he saw many children who Tribal never experienced basic things Youth like fshing, swimming, or having dressed up a positive role model, and was in regalia compelled to reach out to foster singing and youth. Don was also a Boys & dancing Girls Clubs of Thurston County with the Board Member for fve years and salmon he still volunteers his time during sticks at the holidays to the Club. “He has the salmon connections with Santa!” In his ceremony. spare time, Don enjoys fshing and Chehalis Tribe Receives Tribal Historic Preservation cooking what he catches. Past Recipients Office Protecting Sacred Sites In Washington State 2012 Bill Lahmann, Olympia School District The Chehalis Tribe recently What is a Tribal Historic functions previously carried out became one of 141 Tribal Preservation Offcer? by Washington State’s Historic 2011 Jerry Farmer, Historic Preservation Offces Preservation Offce. 94.5 Roxy & Walter Neary, Comcast in the country and 1 of 12 Tribal Historic Preservation Offcers Tribal Historic Preservation or THPOs are the individuals What is this going to look like on 2010 Paul Grudis, Offces in the state. General who respond when a sacred the reservation? Evergreen Vista & Mercy Housing Manager Mr. Richard Bellon was site is threatened, an ancestral designated Acting Tribal Historic home is unearthed, or when The Chehalis Tribe will be working 2009 Dr. Jim Koval, Preservation Offcer. With ancestral remains are disturbed by with archeologists, historians North Thurston Public Schools development. approval from the Chehalis Tribal and experts in preservation. You Business Committee, a team of Why is this so important? may notice individuals observing 2008 Jay Wood, employees of the Chehalis Tribe or monitoring ground disturbing Tumwater School District prepared the rigorous application The recent THPO designation is an activities. This is done to protect or to be designated a Tribal Historic expression of our tribe’s sovereignty. reduce harm to items of historical 2007 Governor Christine Gregoire, Preservation Offce. The Chehalis Tribe assumed several signifcance. State of Washington    Page 3
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