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Diabetes Prevention & Traditional Living THE POWER OF TRADITIONAL SPRING FOODS FOR HEALING Simple traditional foods help us and teach. Families and by revitalizing our cultural spirit function better. communities are restoring harvest and growing plentiful gardens, areas and are picking up the digging harvesting, gathering and eating We love to see mother nature at stick and the basket. Gardens are native foods, to give each and Butterfly landing on Dandelion her best. This time of year is when being planted. Land partnerships everyone of us that fghting chance. everything is in full bloom and and food policy initiatives are If you are ever in the woods or near ready to harvest. The foods of developing. We can’t forget that a lake or stream, and you are curious spring have many teachings. Such northwest coastal diet consisted of about things, don’t hesitate to ask as nettles, sprouts, violets and the many types of berries, roots, bulbs, an elder or a loved one. Learn spring salmon, Chinook. nuts, and seeds, which remain the everything you can about it. You most important part of our diet, even never know, you might just save a Harvesting native plants is like today. Because of our Northwest life. Being reconnected to the land second nature to most of us. Native coastal ancestor’s we are rich in and our community is happening foods are being embraced as a cultural traditions and excellent more and more today. Let’s powerful tool to help fght modern health contributed from foods that introduce native plants and wild chronic diseases, including diabetes. are diverse and nutritious value. berries and wild game into your They are reconnecting people to That is why eating traditional foods every day living. Stinging Nettle the seasons and the land, which is regularly can make a big difference beautifully woven into Northwest in your health. Written by LuAnne Kennedy Coastal Indian culture. Let’s take every opportunity to Elders are gathering to remember make this a better place to live TRADITIONAL SPRING FOODS INCLUDE Stinging Nettles: Stinging nettles Dandelion: From its thick tap root, It typically contains high amounts have been used for medical dark brown, almost black on the of fber and, contrary to landbased Parslane purposes, including as a treatment outside though white and milky plant foods, contain a complete (Coalminer’s Lettuce) for hay fever. Afcionados of edible within, the long jagged leaves protein. They may belong to one weeds harvest the young leaves rise directly, radiating from it to of several groups of multi-cellular and boil them, which renders the form a rosette lying close upon the algae: the red algae, green algae, SDPI Diabetes Prevention Program-A leaves edible. I emphasize “young” ground, each leaf being grooved and brown algae. consortium of confederated tribes of the because the barbs haven’t had time and constructed so that all the rain Chehalis Reservation yet to develop on young leaves. Not falling on it is conducted straight to The present uses of seaweeds at only will they not sting your mouth the centre of the rosette and thus to are as human foods, cosmetics, LuAnne Kennedy once cooked suffciently, but young the root which is, therefore, always fertilizers, and for the extraction Skokomish Health Center leaves are also quite nutritious. kept well watered. The maximum of industrial gums and chemicals. Phone 360-426-5755 amount of water is in this manner They have the potential to be used Purslane: Also known as Winter directed towards the proper region as a source of long – and short-chain Melissa Grant Purslane, or Indian lettuce. Wild for utilization by the root, which chemicals with industrial uses. Squaxin Island Tribe American native popular in Europe but for this arrangement would 360-432-3972 for its tender juicy leaves and mild not obtain suffcient moisture, the Tanya Brown buttery favor. An excellent winter leaves being spread too close Shoalwater Bay crop rich in Vitamin C. Adapts well to the ground for the water 360-267-8206 to greenhouses, or extra-early spring penetrate. Seaweed edible are Mary Weber sowing. Shade tolerant. Eat entire algae that can be eaten and Chehalis Tribal Wellness plant; best before fowering. used in the preparation of food. 360-709-8440 Page 6   
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