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Youth News Chehalis Tribe - Students of the Month for May Brooke Allen (9-12) Nathan Wittwer (6-8) Maddex Penn (K-5) Brooke is Nathan is in the 6 grade at Wa He Lut Indian Maddex is th a junior School. His favorite subjects are reading and attending at River art. Outside school, Nate says he enjoys just Kindergarten Ridge High walking around. His advice to other students at Rochester School in is to do what Elementary. Lacey. She he is trying His favorite is currently to do: “be a subject scoring a nicer person is math. 3.55 GPA and a better Maddex for the artist.” loves playing semester. Nate hopes to soccer and is Brooke become good also currently rd participates enough to be playing 3 in activities a writer and base for the Rochester Rockies t-ball team. ranging artist for DC When he grows up, Maddex wants to buy a from pulling cedar and preparing it for Comics when house across from his mom and dad’s house so weaving, playing volleyball, beading, and he grows up. his mom can always cook him dinner. running. Brooke would like one day to attend law From the Education Department: As a reward for their commitment to school and personal growth, school, and help Native peoples, especially each student of the month will receive a $50.00 gift card from the Education & Development Native children. Department. Congratulations, Keep up the good work! Artist Encourages Youth to Express Themselves Through Art video was to the children as they drew and About the Mock-Ups the talk painted their shoes. They were “Mock-ups,” is a DIY (Do-it- of the given tips on how to transfer and yourself) art toy based on his work classroom, paint their mock-up design onto a with youth and his desire to a make they pair of white vans. It was a great the experience of personalizing a instantly class, bringing out their inner artist, pair of shoes more accessible. recognized challenging themselves to draw Mock-ups are 7-inch white, molded his coastal and paint on a pair of shoes they plastic shoes that are a blank canvas; salish intended to wear. The shoes were any medium can be used to decorate design shoes creative and shared a story about them. Design Yourself: IAMNMAI from is a multi-layered artistic partnership Facebook what inspired them. The children designed to explore issues of and other did an awesome job and their work identity, community and mixed social was inspiring as they shared their heritage through art. media. fnished pair of hand painted shoes. Louie Gong giving design tips to the children during one of his classes as they personalized their shoes. Each child About the Artist Louie Gong, a Seattle-based artist, was given a paper to see what ideas Louie Gong, founded Eighth activist and educator, was invited they could come up with, along with to teach a class to our youth at the a pair of “Mock-ups.” The youth Generation in 2009 when - on a community center in late April talked excitedly amongst themselves whim - he took a Sharpie to a pair of through May. He kicked off the about what they would create for shoes. Louie is a Native of mixed classes with an inspiring video about their shoes. Some of the children heritage (Nooksack, Squamish, the potential art designs they could couldn’t wait and when they went Chinese, French, Scottish). create on a pair of shoes. Louie home that evening they began Growing up in a home with no explained his diverse ethnicity and working on their new canvas. running water, Louie’s background shared his inspiration on design serves as a stark contrast to his Youth focusing on painting work he paints on his shoes. His The three day class was inspirational current success. their designs on their shoes. Page 10   
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