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Continued from page 1... fund progressive, student-centered application and a career. There alternatives, tribes need to put of instruction and the institutional education that works. Tribal schools is no need to “teach to the test” as much attention into hiring. failure built into public education. are a great start but often fail to because effective, culturally relevant Continuing to hire culturally- provide the intended opportunities teaching is the bedrock of this illiterate, dominant culture teachers Rather than continually funding to students because they are too system. will only reproduce the same failing schools and districts, we often facsimiles of the culturally problems. For 150 years, we have must embrace alternatives. Our illiterate public schools. We must Tribes have many options in sent our students, by choice or by students thrive in project-based not only teach our culture, but rethinking education, including force, to public schools in good faith learning environments, where what culturally teach. creating project-based, holistic, with no return. It is time we take our they learn can be tied to immediate and career focused tribal schools, children back. practical application. Student Imagine a tribal school built upon creating a liaison school with a success and achievement should be truly transformative education. neighboring school district, or hiring Jerad Koepp and Jason Medina are based on progress rather than failure Integrated curriculum taught by certifed, culturally literate teachers certifed teachers in Washington to meet state standardized test culturally literate, highly-skilled for tribal education departments. We State. Medina is a career and scores. Tribes must exercise their teachers and administrators. can’t extol a universal right answer technical education teacher and sovereignty in education. Imagine a school built around or model without simultaneously Koepp is a middle and high school For many Natives, education is not only college, but also career forgetting our diversity as Native social studies and history teacher. about survival and not the delayed and technical education with ties peoples. What works for the Apache Both have committed their careers achievement of future goals. to relevant tribal enterprises and may not work for the Seminole. to Indian education. Native students also learn with all departments. Whether for college or Our education programs must of their senses and the spiritual, career we must educate our children necessarily be as unique as the http:// physical, and emotional sides must to be leaders in our communities. people they serve. The methods are indiancountrytodaymedianetwork. be educated as much as the mental. Imagine a Native student who loves proven. How we choose to use them com/2013/09/30/getting-smart-about- What works for Native students science and excels in a class that will determine our outcome. indian-education-means-looking- works for all students, but only works with tribal fsh and wildlife. alternative-approaches-151443 tribes have the ability to adapt and Here, education meets immediate In addition to the many educational November is Native American Heritage Month Honoring American Indians and their contributions to U.S. History November is American Indian and Alaska Native an effort to gain a day of recognition for the Challenge Yourself to Learn More Heritage Month. Heritage Month is a time to signifcant contributions Native Americans made celebrate the rich and diverse cultures, traditions, to the establishment and growth of the U.S. has Challenge yourself to read and learn about the and histories and to acknowledge the important resulted in a whole month being designated for history of yout tribe and Native Americans contributions of Native people. Heritage Month that purpose. during American Indian Heritage Month, read is also an opportune time to educate the general biographies of famous American Indians, learn public about tribes, to raise a general awareness In 1990 President George H. W. Bush approved more about your tribe and culture, and fnd stats about the unique challenges Native people have a joint resolution designating November 1990 and facts about other tribes and reservations. faced both historically and in the present, and “National American Indian Heritage Month.” There is so much more to learn. the ways in which tribal citizens have worked to Similar proclamations, under variations of the Some Suggested Resources about Native name (including “Native American Heritage conquer these challenges. Month” and “National American Indian and American Heritage Month Alaska Native Heritage Month”) have been This provides an opportunity for Native issued each year since 1994. Americans to share their history, culture, heritage-month/#ixzz2kjTrGu00 traditions, music, crafts, dance, and concepts of In 2013, President Barack Obama proclaimed life. The month also seeks to recognize Native “November 2013 as National Native American American contributions and to ensure cross- Heritage Month. I call upon all Americans to cultural, educational dialogue between the “First commemorate this month with appropriate Americans.” programs and activities, and to celebrate american-heritage-month November 29, 2013, as Native American What started at the turn of the 21st century as Heritage Day.”    Page 3
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