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Tribal Health and Wellness News Making Holiday Traditions Healthy Mammogram Dates The holiday „ Choose with Swedish Mobile Mammography season is about fresh fruits and family and vegetables to use in Feb 19, 2014 food—and your dishes. Mar 18, 2014 all too often, May 6, 2014 adding a few Smart Choices extra pounds „ Outsmart the For more information contact Christina Hicks around our bird. Reach for the Community Wellness Manager, CTWC at waistlines. more white pieces 360-709-1741 Many of us of meat; they have will gain fewer calories and DSHS Program 8-10 pounds less fat than the between darker ones. Save Every Tuesday Thanksgiving calories by not 8:00 AM to 4:00 PM and New eating the skin. A representative from DSHS will be available. Years. Planning ahead for that “Turkey Day” „ Keep portions in check. A serving of meat is Contact the Chehalis Tribal Wellness Center at meal, you can make it tasty but also healthy. 3 oz., about the size of a deck of cards. Be 360-273-5504 to schedule an appointment. Get other family members involved to fnd conscious of how much you put on your plate, recipes for those favorite holiday foods. and pass on second helpings. WIC Program Working together to prepare the meal makes „ Watchout for the gravy train. Turkey usually for fun and great family memories. Below comes with gravy, which can add excess November 7 you will fnd some ideas that may help you fat, calories and sodium. Limit gravy to a 9:00 AM - 4:00 PM with menu planning for that special day. tablespoon, and keep it off other items, like the For more information contact Deb Shortman dressing. at 306-709-1689. Smart substitutions for your favorite holiday meals: „ Call it what it is. Dressing is intended to be a Attention: complement to your meal, not an entrée. To For Baking keep calories and excess in check, aim for a Chehalis Tribal Members „ Instead of butter, substitute equal parts 1/4 cup portion (or about half a scoop with a cinnamon-favored, no sugar added applesauce. serving spoon). Indian Wills and Estate Planning Services are now being offered to all Chehalis Tribal „ Use lower-calorie sugar substitutes. „ Desserts: Treat yourself right. Enjoy a sweet Members who are 18 years and older. or two by “sampling” instead of having a „ Substitute low fat, skim milk or skim full serving. Sharing with friends or family This service is without cost to Chehalis evaporated milk instead of whole milk or heavy members is another way of staying “in Tribal members who currently do not have cream. control.” a Will. Please call Christina Hicks at 360-709- „ Instead of using only white four, use half white Above all—have a great Thanksgiving! 1741 to set up an appointment and get the and half whole-wheat four. paperwork needed to get started. „ Instead of adding chocolate chips or candies, For questions or additional ideas contact: use dried fruit like cranberries or USDA cherries. Pat Odiorne, Nutritionist Chehalis Tribal Wellness Center Food Distribution Dates (360) 273-5504 For Cooking December 20 Use small amounts of vegetable oil such as olive Article from the or canola oil instead of butter. 2013 “Holiday Healthy Eating Guide” Pick up is at the Community Center from „ Use whole- grain breads and pastas instead of 10:30 AM to 3:00 PM. white.Bake, boil, broil or grill meats instead of For more information contact Deb Shortman frying. 360-273-5504. Page 4   
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