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Community Transformation Grant Meeting (CTG) All Tribal Members Are Welcome! If you are a community member interested in being part of the “Communities Transform to Make Healthy Living Easier” contact: Shannon Sullivan at 360-709-1771 or email: Meetings are the second Wednesday of the month: Wednesday, December 11 2:00-3:30 PM at the Eagles Landing Hotel On Thursday, November 14 employees wore pink in support of finding a cure for National Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Conference Room, 5th Floor Letter to the Chehalis Tribal Community Community Coalition members the community on how to build and the CTG staff, along with the walking and biking trails, work with Hello Chehalis Tribe CTG Leroy Boyd, have really assisted CTWC Prevention Team, must the Head Start parents and other Community Coalition, in the successful capacity building continue this hard work of planning community members on cooking process. Shannon and Leroy are and implementing environmental skills, and Healthy Recipe cooking I am very sad to inform you that I going to be able to carry this work change on the Chehalis Reservation demonstrations monthly, hire a have resigned from my position at on. They live in this community, and in Oakville. To help “Make the communication staff and develop the Chehalis Tribe. After 6 years, they know this community and they healthy choice the easy choice,” as a plan to begin targeted health and working several positions here, really care about what happens here. they say. messaging, and the physical activity it is time to move on. and healthy eating (community We also have support from Jhon Some of the upcoming events that gardening). It will be a busy year! I I am especially sad to leave our Valencia, our frst Community CTG is facilitating, participating will truly miss being a part of it. CTG Family. After 2 years of Coalition Coordinator and now in or supporting include: Monthly capacity building, we are ready to CTWC Director, and Christina Cooking Demonstrations at the It has been so good to work with turn up the intensity on our CTG Hicks, the new Community community center, the Biggest each and every one of you. I really Community work on the Chehalis Wellness and Prevention Manager, Loser Competition, Zumba classes do love this work, and I know Reservation and in Oakville. It was and other members of the at the Oakville School, Health that the good work will continue, very gratifying to hear our CDC Prevention Team and the CTWC Screenings, Chronic Disease Self- especially with your participation Project Offcer tell us in a recent call staff. Management classes in Oakville, and guidance. I do hope you will that the Chehalis CTG Project “is and other Community Gatherings. continue to support Shannon and sitting pretty,” that we are in good It is important for us all to Leroy and the CTG work. shape, and have done a good job. remember that the old way of The Community Coalition members Thank you again for all of your hard doing things has not worked—we have given good direction on work and participation. It has been As you all know, Capacity are still overweight and obese, the work we have done and such a pleasure to work with you! Building is a critical process if we not physically active enough and will continue to do. We have are working towards meaningful not eating as healthy as we could exciting days ahead–working Respectfully, Cindy Gamble, change. I believe that the CTG staff, be—which results in chronic on the Behavioral Risk Factor M.P.H.Community Transformation especially our 2 community member diseases such as diabetes, heart Surveillance System survey, having Grant Manager staff—Shannon Sullivan and disease, arthritis and so on. The Mark Fenton come and work with    Page 5
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