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New Community Center Building Provides Improved Workspace for Programs and Tribal Artist The Planning Department has been from End of the Trail 2. Their space, the new building will correct Construction is scheduled to be assisting Facilities in designing locations are inconvenient and both these concerns. completed in February of 2014. and constructing a much needed neither current facility has adequate new maintenance and wood shop auxiliary building near the *$ 67$1',1* 6($0 0(7$/ 522) Chehalis Tribal Community Center. 72 0$7&+ (;,67,1* Construction of the new facility began late last month near the *$ 67$1',1* 6($0 0(7$/ 6,',1* northeast corner of the Community 72 0$7&+ (;,67,1* $ 7<3 Center. The building is designed to meet the needs of the Tribal '6 '6 '6 '6 Facilities crew as well as provide 6287+ (/(9$7,21 6&$/( an improved workspace for Tribal artists. :$// 02817(' +$/2*(1 /,*+7,1* :$// 02817(' +$/2*(1 /,*+7,1* The 2,160 square foot building will have separate spaces to serve $ $ $ $ as a Maintenance Shop, complete $ 7<3 with an outdoor, covered area for $ 7<3 grounds keeping equipment, and a )) )) new community Wood Shop space, ($67 (/(9$7,21 :(67 (/(9$7,21 6&$/( 6&$/( also with a covered outdoor area for carvers. Both areas will be a considerable improvement over the current facilities available. At this time, the Facilities crew work out $ of the old EDA/Law Enforcement 7<3 building near the Tribal Center and the wood shop is tucked into the '6 1257+ (/(9$7,21 '6 '6 '6 A4.1 back of the old Bingo Hall across 6&$/( Flood Relief Bridge Finished on South Bank Road On Tuesday, November 5 , the new and will be completely fnished in th food relief bridge on South Bank November. The funding for the Road was completed and opened bridge was a combination of a State to traffc. A small group of tribal of Washington food relief grant elders and community members (95% of funding) and from the attended a blessing before the bridge Tribe’s transportation funds (5% of was opened. funding). The project was managed by Kayloe Dawson from the Tribe’s Historically, South Bank Road Planning Dept. and Glen Connelly was built on wooden piers through from the Tribe’s Dept. of Natural the lowlands that lead up to the Resources. Steve Burnett from Sickman Ford Bridge. In the 1960’s, Chehalis Construction Co. was the Grays Harbor County tore down After the blessing of the bridge, Elder Dan Gleason waves as on-site Tribal representative. The the piers and elevated the road he travels across the newly completed flood relief bridge on bridge was completed on budget and on a dirt levee, for safe access South Bank Road. in accordance with State Dept. of to Sickman Ford Bridge during Bank Road with increased force, and improving the natural functions Transportation standards. Due to all a food. Unfortunately, that new damaging the road and Tribal lands. of the food plain. The lowered food the rain we got in September, bridge fll created a back-watering effect The new food relief bridge will waters will keep South Bank Road construction was a little delayed, but during foods, pushing water further allow food waters to return to their open longer during a major food. it is now complete and ready for the up onto the reservation and causing historic food channels, thereby coming food season. the waters to eventually cross South reducing the back-watering effect This project was started in March    Page 9
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