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Operation Neighbors Helping Neighbors Strive to Make Christmas a Special Holiday for Families This was the ffth year the grown to over 180 families and Neighbors Helping Neighbors serving 421 children. It’s a great volunteer to raise funding feeling knowing that children for Operation Santa for the would be happy with all that love Rochester Organization of and special moments to fnd gifts Families (ROOF) bringing under their tree on Christmas holiday cheer to those less morning. That is what the season fortunate. What a program! Not is all about. Sharing the love only for the families that received of family during the Christmas these gifts, but also for those Holiday Season. little secret Santa’s who were out there shopping for the families, Many heartfelt thanks to all those humming along with the people that continue to make Christmas music that was being this program happen. The smile played while smiling thinking of on the faces of the children? the difference they were making A few of the elves involved in Operation Santa for the Roof Priceless. in a family’s lives. Communities Services. Pictured are top Row (L-R) are: Hiran Eskeets, Josh Terry, Asa Simmons, Jeremy Fanning, Gavrielle All your hard work is greatly The ROOF Community Services Davis, Program Manager at ROOF Community Services. Front appreciated from the families has been sponsoring their row are Kelly McNelly, Executive Director at Roof Community and the Rochester ROOF Operation Santa for the past 20 Services, Nicole De Furia, AmericCorps member serving at Community Services Program. years. The program started with ROOF, Bev Starr. There are many, many more who deserve a Happy Holidays! 35 families and presently has big thanks! Evergreen State College Promotes Native Creative Development and Master Artist Initiative: Artist Teaching Artists Grant Programs Olympia, WA (January 6, 2014): The Longhouse Education and Cultural teach a week-long star quilt making workshop with Native women artists at Center at The Evergreen State College is pleased to announce the 2013 Many Nations Longhouse at the University of Oregon. Of the project, Ball- winners of the Native Creative Development and the Master Artist Morril said, “Art is transformative and making star quilts is both a spiritual Initiative: Artists Teaching Artists grant programs. The grants are awarded and cultural endeavor. This grant makes possible passing on the skills and annually through a competitive process, selected by a panel of local philosophy to not only the generation that will learn at the longhouse this and regional experts in the feld of traditional and contemporary Native summer, but those that will learn from those participants in the future.” American art forms. This year’s group of grantees includes both emerging David Boxley (Tsimshian) will hold a series of workshops to teach the and established Native American artists who work in many different media, ancient tradition of making bentwood boxes. Pat Courtney-Gold (Warm including visual arts, performance-based arts and media arts. Springs) will work with urban Indian students in a residency in Portland, OR to teach Northwest basketry. Vickie Era-Pankritz (Alutiiq) will teach a The winners of the winter 2014 Native Creative Development grant course in traditional Alutiiq open-weave technique, she stated that receiving program are Alison Bremner (Tlingit), Denise Emerson (Skokomish), the grant “will strengthen my resolve to pass on the intricate Alutiiq Louie Gong (Nooksack), Clifton Guthrie (Tsimshian), Donna Mae Huff- weaving style by providing me with the ability to set up a venue to teach. Ahvakana (Inupiat), Alex McCarty (Makah), Ramon Murillo (Shoshone- Many weavers and Alutiiq people have expressed an interest in learning and Bannock), Jessica Porter (Chinook), Joseph Seymour (Squaxin Island), carrying on this traditional style.” Robert Harju (Cowlitz) will work with Emily Washines (Yakama) and Tammie Wilson (Nilinchik). The Native the Cowlitz tribe to teach quarterly classes in woodcarving. Creative Development grant program was designed to address the professional development needs of individual Native artists, such as training For more information about the Native Creative Development and Master in marketing, purchasing supplies and materials, harvesting resources, Artist Initiative grant programs, and to see winners from previous grant portfolio development, apprenticeships, workshop fees, travel to museum cycles, please see the Longhouse and Cultural Center website at collections, and other forms of support. Awards of $5000 will be distributed to the fve winners of this year’s The Longhouse Education and Cultural Center, “House of Welcome,” is a Master Artist Initiative: Artists Teaching Artists grant program. The Master public service center located at The Evergreen State College. Its mission Artist Initiative: Artists Teaching Artists grant program is designed to is to promote indigenous arts and cultures through education, cultural promote Native arts and cultures within urban and rural Native communities preservation, creative expression and economic development. To learn more and tribes by providing opportunities for master artists to teach emerging about the Longhouse please visit the website at Native artists within a particular art form. Peggy Ball-Morill (Klamath) will    Page 9
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