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Healthy Living with Diabetes Mammogram Dates During the holiday season we are so busy that we don’t come just to talk about your diabetes should happen February 19, 2014 seem to give our health a thought. It is important to every 3 months. At these visits your Provider will order think about what health risks we might on at a time of labs, check your feet, give you are a referral to the eye March 18, 2014 overeating and a lack of exercise. Many of us have doctor for your annual exam. If your blood sugar is in May 6, 2014 family members who have Diabetes and that puts us good control and you are doing well your appointments For more information contact Christina Hicks at risk ourselves. There are some very important facts might be less often. Community Wellness Manager, CTWC at about Diabetes that can help us be more aware and live Item #4 Other Clinic Visits: It is important that you 360-709-1741 a healthier lifestyle. schedule a Dental Exam twice each year for checkups „ The Risk Factors: Being Native American, Family and cleaning. Having Diabetes can affect the blood DSHS Program History, being Overweight , History of Diabetes while vessels in your mouth and gums. Also, seeing the Pregnant, Age, Sedentary Lifestyle, and Stress. The Diabetes Educator twice each year for individual Every Tuesday more of these risk factors you have the more risk you nutrition and diabetes self-care is important as well. have. Item #5 What if my blood sugar is running too high? 8:00 AM to 4:00 PM „ The Signs and Symptoms: Unquenchable Thirst, Too high would be above 200 for more than 3 days in a A representative from DSHS will Frequent trips to the bathroom, Blurred vision, row. In this case, you should check your fasting blood be available. Contact the Chehalis Weakness and Fatigue, Wounds that are slow to heal, glucose before breakfast and 2 hours after a meal and Tribal Wellness Center at 360-273- and Numbness and Tingling of the feet. write these down to share with your provider to discuss 5504 to schedule an appointment. „ Diagnosis of Diabetes: Fasting Blood Sugar greater the higher blood sugars. Don’t forget to bring your than 126 or A1c 6.5 or higher (picture of average records and your meter with you to the appointment. WIC Program blood sugar for 2-3 months) or 200+ Blood Sugar 2 Item #6 What if my blood sugar is running too low? hours after a meal or random Blood Sugar 200+. Too low is individual. When you are having low blood February 6 „ Diagnosis of Prediabetes: Fasting Blood Sugar sugar symptoms such as, all of a sudden you feel weak, March 6 in the range of 101 – 125 or A1c (3 month blood shaky, and sweaty (like you have “lead in your shoes”). 9:00 AM to 4:00 PM sugar average) of 5.7 – 6.4. Individual beginning to Have your blood sugar checked. If your sugar (below For more information contact Deb have these slightly elevated blood sugars can reduce 70). In either case, eat something with “quick” sugar, Shortman at 306-709-1689 their risk of developing Diabetes by 58% just some like regular hard candy, ½ cup regular soda, a tablespoon simple lifestyle changes. Contact: Pat Odiorne at the of jelly or honey or a glucose tablet (4-5). When you SPIPA Colon Health Program Wellness Center (360) 273-5504 for more information start to feel better go eat a snack. A snack could be half Presents the Fourth Annual about the Diabetes Prevention Program. a sandwich with meat or cheese, fruit, yogurt, or nuts. “March to Prevention” If you already have Diabetes there things you can do to Avoid candy and candy bars; they will help you feel manage it. Managing your Diabetes will signifcantly better for a while but will not maintain your blood sugar. Conference reduce your risk to developing problems with your feet, We who work at the Chehalis Tribal Wellness Center at the Chehalis Tribe’s eyes, heart, blood vessels and nerves. want to help you to live well with Diabetes. In January, Community Center Here is a checklist: we are planning to bring back the “Wellness” Clinics SPIPA Colon Health Program for our Diabetic Patients. You will be able to come in Saturday, March 1 Presents the Fourth Annual Item #1 Self Monitoring of Blood Sugar: Check and get labs, see your Provider and the other Diabetes 9:00 AM to 4:00 PM your sugar 3 times/week (i.e., Monday, Wednesday, Educators (more information to follow). We hope “March to Prevention” and Friday) before breakfast and 2 hours after a meal. through the “Wellness” Clinics you will get to know us Learn COLON Cancer SPIPA Colon Health Program Conference Presents the Fourth Annual Record your readings and bring your reading to your better and we will get to know you better, too. Prevention Strategies at the Chehalis Tribe’s next Provider visit. If you do not have a meter call and Who: Tribal and Community “March to Prevention” Community Center make an appointment with your Provider so the clinic Learn COLON Cancer Prevention Strategies Conference Sat. March 1, 2014 – 9 AM to 4 PM Members can give you one along with a prescription for the strips. RSVP: 360-462-3235 Who: Tribal and Community Members at the Chehalis Tribe’s RSVP: 360-462-3235 Goals of checking your blood sugar are: Fasting 90-120 Giant Colon Display, Colon Health Bingo, Educational Workshops Community Center Giant Colon Display, Colon Health and Activites Sat. March 1, 2014 – 9 AM to 4 PM (before breakfast) and 2 hours after a meal 140-180. Bingo, Educational Workshops and Learn COLON Cancer Prevention Strategies Who: Tribal and Community Members RSVP: 360-462-3235 Item #2 Eating and Exercise: What to do? Make your Giant Colon Display, Colon Health Bingo, Educational Workshops Activities. portions smaller, your plate more colorful (more fruits and Activites and veggies), 3 meals and 2 to 3 snacks spread out over the day. With exercise it is best to start slow and easy. Try going for a 10 minute walk 3-5 times each week then as you are able (in a week or so increase the time by 5 minute increments) to work up to 30 minutes/ session. With sweets and desserts “go easy” too. Try “just” tasting or maybe sharing with someone. Item #3 Diabetes visits with your Provider: where you Funded by Grant Number: 5U58DP002069-05    Funded by Grant Number: Page 5 5U58DP002069-05
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