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Do I Need a Permit for That? NEED YOUR DRIVERS LICENSE? Building permits are required by the Chehalis Tribe to ensure building If you are currently driving without a valid drivers license, the only thing I can ask is why? Our program can help reinstate your driving privileges projects are performed in a safe and consistent manner. Fees vary from with in day’s. project to project. To start the Building Permit Process just download a copy of the permit application from the Tribe’s website: If you do not have your license for any of the following reasons: tickets, fnes, child support, habitual driver (under certain conditions), DUI (certain conditions), ignition interlock, alcohol assessment needed, or planning department.html SR-22, DWLS/3rd, accidents, out of state tickets it doesn’t matter. Stop making excuses and get your license reinstated. Turn in your completed application to Don Terry in the Planning Department. If you are interested feel free to contact: Jean at 253-561-1321; email Situations: or Tracy at 360-328-3331; 1. I want to build something to cover my wood, like a shed. Do I need a email NOMOREDRIVNDIRTY@GMAIL.COM permit? No, you can construct a wood shed without a permit. You would need Free Discovery Passes Now Available to obtain a permit if you were adding electricity, water or someone was planning on living there. for Chehalis Tribal Members 2. I want to add a porch onto my house. Do I need a permit? In 2011 Washington State mandated that all vehicles that park or travel on Yes, you do need a permit to construct a porch. lands owned by State Department of Natural Resources, Department of Fish and Wildlife, or State Parks and Recreation Commission, must have 3. My house doesn’t have a freplace or woodstove. I want to add one. Do a Discovery Pass. In response to this, we asked the State to provide these I need a permit? passes free to tribal members engaged in tribal cultural activities such as Yes, you need a permit to add a freplace or a woodstove. hunting, fshing and gathering. 4. My dogs keep running away, I want to build a fence. Do I need a We are excited to say that they are now available and FREE to Chehalis permit? Tribal Members. For more information contact Mark White, DNR Director No, you do not need a permit to build a fence. at 360-709-1850 and leave a message with your name, address, and enrollment number and when you would like to pick it up or email DNR@ 5. I want to add a room to my house. Do I need a permit? We will mail one to you. For those wanting to just Yes, you need a permit to add a bedroom. Any major modifcations like stop by CDNR, call ahead and we can have one ready for you. adding a room, electricity or water require a permit. You do not need to obtain a permit for minor modifcations like painting or installing carpet. Chehalis Tribal Newsletter 6. I want to build a carport. Do I need a permit? Yes, you need a permit to build a carport; however a free-standing The Confederated Tribes of the Chehalis Reservation... “People of the Sands” canopy to park your car under does not require a permit. Articles and opinions expressed in this publication are not 7. My husband wants to build a smokehouse to smoke fsh. Do I need a necessarily the opinions of this publication or the Chehalis Tribal permit? Business Committee. The Chehalis Tribal Newsletter encourages tribal members to submit letters, No, you do not need a permit to build a smokehouse unless you are also articles, photographs, and drawings to be considered for publication. These are adding electricity. subject to editing. Contributing writers, artists, and photographers include Chehalis tribal 8. I would like to build a drainage ditch. Do I need a permit? community members and staff. Submission deadline: 6th of each month Yes, you need a permit to build a drainage ditch. Printed monthly 9. We need a new septic system. Do I need a permit? Tribal Center (360) 273-5911 Business Committee Yes, you need a permit to put in a septic system. 420 Howanut Road David Burnett, Chairman Oakville, WA 98568 Ray “Barnaby” Canales, Vice Chairman 10. I want to build a dog house. Do I need a permit? (360) 709-1726 (offce) Farley Youckton, Treasurer No, you do need a permit to build a dog house. (360) 273-5914 (fax) Cheryle Starr, Secretary Dan Gleason, Sr., 5th Council Member If you have any doubt or questions about whether your particular project Chehalis Tribe’s Vision Statement needs a permit, please call Don Terry at 360-709-1806. To be a thriving, self-suffcient, Chehalis Tribal sovereign people, honoring our past Newsletter Staff: Fred Shortman, Disclaimer: All dates and times are subject to change. Please call the and serving current Communications contact numbers to verify the information regarding the event. and future generations Coordinator    Page 7
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