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Christmas continued from Page 1... smiling as they tried to stop on the lucky spot to earn that cake when the music stopped. The bounce houses were set up in the Youth Center gym. Screams of joy echoed through the air as children were seen enjoying this activity. Parents looked on as they watched their children play. It was crazy fun. In the classrooms were a couple of opportunities to make a special gift with the Heritage and Culture Programs. Walter Lewis, Cultural Coordinator, had kits ready for anyone that wanted to make a beautiful cedar place mat to put their picture on. Diane Devlin, Cultural Coordinator, and her sister Sally Pikutark had no sew blankets available for anyone who wanted to try their hand in making these wonderful blankets. It was a taste of culture for all those who participated. Elders, adults, and children alike were seen smiling as they took their keepsake for the family to enjoy for years to come. The main gym hosted the main event for the Christmas party. Families gathered, flling the gym to share a meal catered by the Lucky Eagle Casino. Bingo was one of the fun activities played. When someone yelled “Bingo” the bingo runners were heard verifying the numbers. Of course, there were a few practice bingos as people were heard laughing. Throughout the event a raffe drawing was done to win a special gift. Loudspeakers echoed throughout the building announcing the winners name, but you had to be present to win. Great job by all the volunteers who made the 2013 Community Christmas Party one to remember. Thanks from Cheryle Starr, Events Coordinator Philip Youckton and I would like to thank each and every one that helped make this year’s Christmas Party a success. Their dedication, time and energy was very much appreciated. There were a number of Santa’s helpers that assisted in the Christmas shopping and wrapping the presents for all the age groups from Elders, adults and children. To the set up crew who decorated the Gathering Room for Santa’s pictures, camera crew (buttons and photos with Santa), carnival crew, cake walk helpers, Bingo helpers and the Casino catering crew, Youth Center, Youth Education Services Department. Heritage and Culture Program and a big thank you to Santa and all the ones who stayed behind to help clean up afterwards. Again, thank you all! We could not of done this without all your help. Have a Happy New Year! Page 2   
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