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Elders Bazaar continued from page 1... luck and purchase some raffe tickets from the Elders. This gave you an opportunity to win a beautiful gift. The table was full of them and you had to wish hard to win what you wanted. Otherwise, like a lottery, take that chance to win a super gift. It’s a game of chance, but well worth supporting our Elders, vendors and volunteers to kick off the Christmas season with a little shopping. See you next year! The Annual Elders Bazaar is scheduled for the frst Saturday of December and held in the Event Center of the Lucky Shoppers finding a gift for that special Elders Joyce Fanning and Lynn Eagle Casino. some at the Elders Bazaar. Hoheisel selling raffle tickets during the Elders Bazaar. The Elders Committee would like to thank The silent auction was another way you everyone who brought donations of food and could purchase a gift. These items were raffe items, our volunteers, everyone who either donated by the vendors or donated supported our raffe, and the great staff at the by an Elder. It was hard choice and smart Casino who arrived early to set up tables, bidders kept an eye on the bids in order to chairs, and the coffee service. have the winning bid. Please join us on Saturday, December 6, Now that being said, you could try your 2014, for our next Holiday Bazaar. Healthier Families continued from page 1... He talked about his experiences and how he became successful at his choices in life. But his core values contributed to his success. He encourages youth to stay away from drugs and alcohol and become successful leaders. It is a continuous struggle for many youth and we should be aware and not become another statistic. Actions speak louder than words, so parent show your children by leading through example. They are very intelligent and watch what you are doing. Use your gift of prayer and believing in the creator to give you strength through the trying times. There are many inspirational things to do to impact your children. Finding you purpose and to love yourself frst so you can love others. Our ancestors knew of the creator so when all is lost, go back to your roots. It is not new. Remember what was already done and follow the path to a healthier life! Together communities are stronger and help support each other to make the change because the only one who can stop you is you. Afterwards was an opportunity to visit, get autographs, and a photo session. It was a great evening! Sponsored by: Chehalis Tribal Housing Authority, Chehalis Tribal Enterprises, Chehalis Tribal Wellness Center, Vocational Rehabilitation, and Behavioral Health Programs.    Page 3
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