Page 2 - Chehalis Tribal Newsletter - January 2015
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Community continued from page 1 After a blessing of the food, Elders were invited
be served first in true native culture fashion. There
were many things to choose from and desserts are
always a delightful treat.

In the main gym, families were seen smiling as they
exchanged gifts, then focusing on playing bingo
hoping for the opportunity to yell “Bingo!” The
raffles went on throughout the day. Names were
announced over the loudspeakers as they were

Yes, the annual Christmas party was a special
opportunity for tribal members to spend the day

Thank You!

Many programs were involved to make this day
memorable and magical. We would like to extend
and huge thank you to:

The volunteers and employees who bagged the
candy. The Education Program; Youth Center staff;
Youth Council for all the children’s activities.

Also thank the Christmas committee for shopping
and wrapping gifts: Dolly Canales, Bev Starr, Jodie
Smith, Frances Pickernell, Lydia Fromm, and Diana

Volunteers at the party 

Dolly Canales, Bobby Jones, Ritchy Revay, Alicia
Canales, Barnaby Canales, Santa, Norma Daniels,
Deidra Hawkes, and Francis Pickernell.

Wrap night

Christmas Committee, Althea Youckton, Lil Bear
Davis, Vern McCrory, Mary Secena. 

A special thank you goes out to Cheryle Starr and
Phillip Youckton for their hard work in coordinating
a fun-filled day at the community center!

Page 2 Photos by Jaimie Smith and Fred Shortman   
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