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News from the Higher Education Coordinator


At the Chehalis Tribal Community Center this spring 2015, first day of classes are March 30, 2015. GRADUATION CELEBRATION
The classes are offered to all Tribal members, Community members, Tribal employees, and Enterprise
employees. Chehalis Tribal Member’s classes will be paid through the Higher Education program. I have been working with K-12 education
Currently we will be hosting… department on this June’s Graduation
celebration. If there are any graduating
English 102 (5) Jolynn Goertz WThF seniors for the year 2015 that have not
been in touch with K-12 for graduation
A course in argumentative and persuasive writing, methods of research development and preparation assistance please contact anyone in the
of an original source-based papers and projects. Prerequisite: completion of ENGL& 101 with a K-12 department.
minimum grade of 2.0.

INTRODUCTION TO POLITICAL SCIENCE 101 (5) Jody Peterson Tue and Thur

Exploration of the fundamentals of political science: key concepts, principles, and theories. Analyze ~ PLEASE HELP!! ~
why and how leaders make the decisions they do, and why citizens obey most of these decisions.
Our program is looking for JAZMYN
PREPARE FOR COLLEGE 2015 NATH. According to our records she
should be graduating 2015.
If are you interested in College this NEXT fall (September) 2015, be sure to fill out the Chehalis
Tribal Scholarship packet. Also start thinking about signing up for admissions to the school of choice. We hope to have more information this
Most universities have deadlines but with community college you still have time! Your Chehalis upcoming month on the graduation
Tribal Scholarship packet will need to be completely finished one month before your college quarter celebration. If you have any questions
starts. If college is not what you’re interested in, then now would be great time to start thinking of please do not hesitate to call or email us.
other educational goals like technical school, or a vocational program.
Thank you for all your help.
After you have completed your taxes this year you could also think about filing for your Free Higher Education Coordinator:
Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) FAFSA must be completed in
order for you to qualify for the full Chehalis Tribal Scholarship Award. For the Basic Chehalis Tribal Racheal Mendez
Scholarship Award FAFSA is not required. It is recommended that all students apply for FAFSA as 360-709-1698
soon as possible. By submitting a FAFSA you will be reviewed for grants, work-study and maybe a
large amount of other additional funds. or email

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