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Chehalis Tribe Students of the Month Happy New Year!!

Natasha Moore (9-12) Stesha McJoe (6-8) Teen Group

Natasha Moore Steesha McJoe is in the 6th grade at Rochester Thursday, January 22
is a senior at Middle School; she currently has a 3.62 GPA. at the Community Center
Timberline Youth Educational Room
High School While at school she enjoys playing the flute in
and also attends band. She also enjoys playing fast pitch. ~ Let’s get together and talk about safe dating ~
New Market Steesha feels that she is successful because she ~ games ~ food ~ fun ~
Vocational; sits in front of the class. Her advice for other
she is currently students is to You will have a blast. Come see what your peers
maintaining a 3.4 read more. are discussing. See you there!
After Steesha For more information contact Brigette Brittain,
What she likes graduates Domestic Violence Advocate at 360-709-1874 or
most about from high email
school is that, she can get an education here, school, she
unlike other 3rd world countries where girls get wants to go to Tsapowam
criticized for going to school. the University Chehalis Tribal Behavior Health
of Washington
Natasha feels that she is a successful student so that she can Domestic Violence Program
because she listens to what the teacher has play fast pitch
to say and turns her homework on time. Her there. Grant #: 2012-TW-AX-0043
advice for other students is to keep up with the
class and don’t slack off by saying you’ll do it Olivia Latch (K-5) Contacting the
tomorrow because it piles up quickly. Youth Center
Olivia Latch
After Natasha graduates from high school, she is in the 5th 360-273-9674
wants to go to college so that she can pursue her grade at
dream of going to medical school. Grand Mound Director: Tony Medina
From the Education Department While at Monthly Activities
school she Calendar Available
As a reward for their commitment to school and enjoys doing
personal growth, each student of the month will math and When there are activities
receive a $50.00 gift card. Social Studies. scheduled for families
When she isn’t to attend, flyers will be
Congratulations. Keep up the good work! in school she distributed around the
enjoys doing reservation. Check the
gymnastics. Tribal Center for the sign-up
sheet. It fills up fast. So first
Olivia feels that she is a successful student come first served.
because she helps others. Her advice for other
students is to do your homework. Have a great day!

After Olivia graduates from high school she
wants to attend University of Washington to
become a teacher.

Attention Tribal Members

If you feel that your child should be nominated for student of the month, please contact Jodie
Smith at or

360-709-1897. State the reason why your child should be considered.

Deadline is the last Friday of each month.

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