Page 9 - Chehalis Tribal Newsletter - January 2015
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New Play Shelter Construction to Begin in January Tribal Member

Achieves Perfection

On Thursday, December 18, tribal member
Gerald Pickernell, Jr. bowled a 300. Every
bowler dreams of bowling a perfect game
someday. It became a reality for him
that evening during the Men’s Thursday
Night Art Smalley Night Bowling League
at Fairway Lanes in Centralia. The
United States Bowling Congress (USBC)
recognized his feat with a ring. Plus he
received a round of applause from everyone
that was at the bowling alley as it was
announced over the intercom.

This photo is a sample of a covered area already constructed. A perfect game in bowling only takes
a total of 12 throws, all needing to be
In January, the Chehalis Tribal Planning Volunteers Needed! strikes. This will give them a score of 300,
Department will be constructing a covered play the highest that can be achieved in one
shelter behind the Community Center similar to Cedar logs will need to be peeled and the game of bowling. You do not have to be
the one pictured above. The new structure will contractor has invited tribal members to an expert bowler to bowl a 300, but you
be completed by April and playground toys are to participate in this process. definitely will need a little bit of luck. Of
be installed underneath by Tribal Days. We are course, being an expert bowler or having
excited about the construction of the first covered If you would like to help peel cedar, and keep the some decent bowling skills will not hurt
playground because children will be able to enjoy bark you pull for weaving, please contact Jenee your cause! Bowling a perfect game is a
this park even when it is raining. Penn at 360-709-1620. magical moment in anyone’s life. Even a
casual bowler who hits a 300 will always
Heritage and Culture Program News remember the day they accomplished this
feat. 300 bowling is something every bowler
Work Hours for Heritage and Culture Coordinators wants, but few actually accomplish.

„„Dianne Devlin:  Monday through  ALL TRIBAL MEMBERS are welcomed to come in Congratulations
Thursday and use the sewing room for projects or for arts & crafts. 
Staff can be available to assist you if needed. Gerald “Cheyenne” Pickernell, Jr.!
„„Walter Lewis: Tuesday through
Friday PLEASE CALL  Lynn Hoheisel to schedule dates and
times you would like to use the room for your projects
The culture coordinators will be or just drop in anytime before the end of the workday.
working with the children in  the Share with Lynn about the projects you would like to use
Youth/Education services through the the room for. Our program has seven sewing machines
winter months. available to use for sewing projects. 

„„Lynn Hoheisel: Monday through With the new year, our program would like the
Thursday 8:00 AM - 4:30 PM.  Lynn community input on what hours that would work best for
is available to help with family you. Please contact Lynn Hoheisel let her know.
tree research, and documenting,
or copying pictures for you. Their For more information contact Lynn at the Community
Lunch time is 12:00 - 12:30 PM.    center in Heritage Room at 360-709-1748.    Page 9
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