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The Confederated Tribes of the Chehalis Reservation

February 2015 Free

Private Basket Collection Gifted to the Chehalis Tribe

By Jolynn Goertz, Cultural The Excitement is Building
Resource Specialist -Casino Starts Expansion-

On Monday, January 26, Dear Tribal Community

Heritage Committee members As we break ground on the new
expansion of the Lucky Eagle
and staff and Tribal Historic Casino and Hotel, I wanted to take
a moment to thank you for making
Preservation staff made a trip this incredible project possible,
The design will introduce concepts
up to Stanwood, Washington never before seen in the gaming
industry in the Pacific Northwest,
to accept of gift of eighteen and will make the property a “must
visit” for current and new guests
baskets. The gift was made alike.

by Pann Benedict, who has And just wait until you see it!

cared for the collection and The plans have features and
amenities that are nothing short
kept the baskets in excellent of amazing. A 120,000 square
foot parking garage will actually
condition. The baskets sit above the casino expansion,
enabling guests to go directly
have been in her family for from their cars to the gaming floor
without a long walk or exposure to
many years, and she wanted the elements. An upscale sports bar
with an urban feel and see-through
to return the collection to Heritage Committee members and Tribal Historic Preservation staff beverage pipes will make viewing
the Chehalis people. The accepted a gift of eighteen baskets from Pann Benedict. parties truly special. An awesome
baskets came to the Benedict salmon pit in the remodeled buffet

family during the Great and even rye grass. Notes within and files kept by her parents Continued on Page 3

Depression. Mae Sloane Benedict, each basket indicate origin or style. while they were taking a class at Inside

Pann’s grandmother, received the Centralia College on Chehalis Health and Wellness News ................ 4

baskets through trade, and then Pann’s parents, John and Patty culture and history. The class was Staff Profile: Ate’ha Triance, LPN ..... 5

passed them on to her family. The Benedict, had an abiding interest taught by Helen Neilson, with Opportunity for Native Artists ........... 6

collection consists of baskets made in Chehalis culture. Along with the Continued on Page 2 Exercise Room Hours ........................ 7
from bear grass, cedar bark, raffia, baskets, Pann gifted a notebook
February Birthdays ............................ 8
Tribal Members Reprogram Their Tribal
Identification Card to Qualify for Fuel Tax Loan Fund Program News ................ 9

On Thursday, January 21, tribal members Students of the Month ...................... 10
came to the End of the Trail II to reprogram
their tribal member identification card Early Learning News ....................... 11
to continue their Chehalis tribal member
fuel discount. End of the Trail staff were Substance Abuse Workshop .............. 12
available that day to reprogram and answer
questions. The Lucky Eagle staff provided
snacks and drinks for all who attended that
day. The process was quick without long


If you were unable to make the event in Tribal members at the End of the Trail II to reprogram
January, you can still reprogram you card their tribal identification card with store employees
to qualify for the fuel tax exemption.

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