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Collection continued from Page 1 the baskets and transporting them back to the SPECIAL USE
archaeologist Jeanne Welch and linguist Dale reservation. The group discussed the history
Kinkade giving lectures. of the collection with Pann and examined the
When you’re thinking about building, a Special
baskets. Baskets were photographed, wrapped, Use Permit is required for any building activities
proposed that would be located in a designated
Before the trip to Stanwood, Heritage and placed in acid-free tissue paper and storage flood hazard area or within the Sensitive Lands
Zoning designation on the reservation or off-
Committee members and boxes. The baskets are reservation Tribal fee or trust land. When a
staff travelled to the Hibulb currently in quarantine and Special Use Permit is needed, the applicant fills
Cultural Center to make a then will be cataloged and out the application, pays the $25 dollar fee, and
tour of Tulalip exhibits and inventoried. Options are the project is reviewed by the Tribe’s Chief
consult with cultural center being explored for sharing the Building Officer. When the application has
staff. This included Christina baskets with the community. passed that process, it will go out for a 14-day
Hicks, Chair of the Committee, public comment period.

Virginia Canales, Cindy Andy, Many thanks are extended to Previously, this part of the process was done
Pann, who graciously opened exclusively through paper notices posted on
and Heather Youckton, and her home and provided reservation bulletin boards (the Tribal Center,
a delicious lunch for the the stores, Housing, etc.). Now, however, the
staff member Lynn Hoheisel. guests. Her sharing—both Chehalis Tribal Planning Department will be able
of the basket collection and to utilize the internet to reach more of the Tribal
The group was very impressed her knowledge—supports member public through the tribal website.
the preservation of Chehalis
with the Hibulb facility. culture and history.

Tribal Historic Preservation Pann Benedict graciously
staff Dan Penn and Jolynn donated her family’s basket
Amrine Goertz met the group collection to the Chehalis
in Stanwood, bringing with Tribe.
them supplies for wrapping


Simply go to, click on
Departments and select Planning from the drop

down menu.

When the Planning page loads, there will be a
small boxed menu on the right of the page, click

on Public Notices.

Any Special Use Permits out for public comment
will appear with a downloadable PDF to review.

Contact Information

If you have any comments of questions on any
Special Use Permit, or anything you see on the
Planning page of the Tribe’s website, please call

Photos submitted by Heritage and Chehalis Tribal Planning Office
Culture Program. at the Tribal Center
at 360-273-5911

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