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Tribal Health and Wellness News

February is American Heart Month Mammogram Dates

Are you at risk for Heart Disease? During to be done all at once—10 minute periods will Wednesday. March 4
the month of February, Americans see the do. Start by doing activities you enjoy—brisk From 9:00 AM to 3:00 PM
human heart as the symbol of love. February is walking, dancing, swimming, bicycling, or
American Heart Month, a time to show you the playing basketball or tennis. Friday, May 29
love. Learn about your risks for heart disease and From 9:00 AM to 3:00 PM
stroke and stay “heart healthy” for yourself and If you smoke, quit. It’s never too late to get You can call the Clinic to schedule your
your loved ones. some benefit from quitting smoking. Mammogram at 360-273-5504

Just like an engine makes a car go, your heart Follow a heart healthy diet. Choose low fat- For more information contact Christina Hicks,
keeps your body running. As you grow older, foods and those that are low in salt. Eat plenty Community Wellness Manager at 360-709-1741
some changes in the heart and blood vessels are of fruits and vegetables, and foods high in
normal, but others are caused by disease. fiber. Following a healthy eating plan and being or email
physically active might help you.
Choices you might make every day can SPIPA Colon Health Program Presents
contribute to heart disease. Do you smoke? Are Keep a healthy weight. Your health care
you overweight? Do you spend the day sitting provider can check your weight and height to
at a desk or in front of the TV? Do you avoid learn your BMI (body mass index). A BMI of 25
exercising? Do you drink a lot of alcohol? If you or higher means you are at risk for heart disease,
answered yes to one or more of these questions, as well as diabetes and other health conditions.
making healthy lifestyle changes might help you Following a healthy eating plan and being
prevent or delay heart disease. physically active might help you.

Take the following steps to keep your heart Article adapted from: “Go4Life” Everyday
healthy: fitness ideas from the National Institute on
Aging at NIH; and CDC “February is American
Be more physically active. Aim for 30 minutes Heart Month”
of moderate-intensity activity on most or all days heartmonth/.
of the week. Every day is best. It doesn’t have

Healthy Native Hearts LuncheonHealthy Native Hearts Luncheon
Proudly Presented By
Fourth AnnualProudly Presented By

Wednesday, February 18Healthy Native Hearts Luncheon

March to Prevention at11:00 AM - 1:00 PM Proudly Presented By
Wednesday, the SquaxinFebruary 18, 2015 Community
Chehalis Tribal Community Center - Gathering Room
461 Anderson Road; Oakville WA 98568
KitchenWed1n1e:s0d0aay.,H„mFe„Hae.letha–bltShre1urevd:iau0cce0arstyAiopvna1a.iWlnm8aedb,dlpe.1nr21ee:ss00ed0na1taCya5.t,mhiFoee.n–bhbr1auy:al0iD40sry6rpT.11r.Lmi8bSa,.ena2c0cle1Ce5Rnoaamy Rmouandit.yOCaeknvtieller,–WGAat9h8e5r6in8g Room

Saturday, March 7Chehalis Tribal Commun„„iTCtrhyiaainrCcEeCxeLhePerncNhiastelei4sl6eTr1rdibS–beaycl GCPeanotamaieRmntothuaNndeait.vyOriCgiaanektnovgtriellAer,Rt–eWG’ohAaaot9h8em5r6in8g Room
11:00 a.m. – 1:00 p.m.

10:00 AM to 3:00 PM461 Secena Roa„d„H.eaOrt haeaklthvyillulenc,heWon A 98568
Health Services Available:
 Health education and presentation by

„„„„FFrreeHee ehbleaoalotrhtdhSpeeraerlsvthsicuarenesdaAnstdvraogkilluaecbroelseseo:usHrcecraeelthseHCDnSerhe.aairLvnlaitrihcnegecexsseedAruRcvcaisaaeyitlailoebndleab:nydPaptrieesnetnNtaatvioignabtCoyr omplDACertht.eeaL’ahiaraneCcxTeeroiarRcmnaiscmeyelueLPdnNibtyy Patient Navigator at the

Wellness Survey

„„FHreeaerthraencdipsCDHAeoerths.enaaLl’ylahitrhaCnecPexTeeRrdiaruRcancnaiscdaeyetSiloeiLmnPdNpablenydCPoapoFFAHFstrcrrrketeeeiereeaeeeei’esrnhthbnHnaehelgaointeaTnongrardiwdatNslstthnhpaOeciayraetenltuhsllvytLsinhPuoCciNragehPnneRadaontbrnsdattrioongykilnuregcroeassneodurwceeisvneonnt eaHsFFFnocrrredeeerfaeeeerterthebhHnheclaLroineeaenougaeriddtnvslsthChcepOeyhraaaenlbusllwytrsenhuaCcilraflaehPlfnselRabdeognternstidatifrpicotngrkkilcnoueeagcvtrroeiadfdssnoesoedrudortc.rheoestchhear npcreizteos.

Questions or RSVP, contact Christina Hicks, Chehalis TribaHl eCaomrt mheunailttyhyWleulnlncehsseMonanSimapgleeCroaoktin3g 6wi0th-Heart recipeMs ade posSsimibpllee CboyoakincgowopitherHaetaivrtereacgipreesement between
wZheenndQ3gy6u0,.ez.7As0thi9ome.n1ssFFn7e4ocrrg1reerRro@ieSeercVcaePhh,bhniccenkoelasHoin@nratacotegch.raoetdtsChrrhathgplrisiAesttrriinbaesaQessl.HotuosirhcegucksOsitr,aiaoReCtnnhWiesaoedhonanndrlisyRsdMtTSZrhrViboeguPan,lkgllCcut,eoiAoccmmnrumteoearluiccstnsuaetiotnyCrWuHaheelrrailcslnrttieneAsassssMoHcaiicnaaktiogs,neCr ahtPehrSeaPvlisIePTnrAibtiaoalnnCdoGmCramennutnteintyrusWmfeobllrneerDs5sisUMea5ans8aeFgPCe0roa0nt0tr3o0l6a9n-d06
709-1741 or or Wendy
Initiatives Regional Director at 206-834-8654 or

MulticultuFrarleInietiatHiveas RnegdionsalODirne3cl6tyo0r.7aC0t 92P0.16R7.8431t4r.8oa6r5ic4nhoiircnwkgesn@dcay.hznheehdnagl@ishtreibaert..oorrgg. OR Wendy Zheng, American Heart Association
chehalistribe.orgSimplegrCeoaotwkinoMgluflwltiociutdlhtugraHel eIn.iactiarottivmrees Rceigpioenlsaul Dcirkecytoer aat g20l6e.83.4c.8o65m4 or 
Page 4 NOTICE: Information displayed on this flyer, in email or on our website calendar is subject to change without

notice. Please refer to this flyer’s contact person for the latest update.

NOTICE: Information displayed on this flyer, in email or on our website calendar is subject to change without
notice. Please refer to this flyer’s contact person for the latest update.

Questions or RSVP, contact Christina Hicks, Chehalis Tribal Community Wellness Manager at
360.709.1741 or OR Wendy Zheng, American Heart Association
Multicultural Initiatives Regional Director at 206.834.8654 or
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