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Chehalis Tribal Loan New Lighting for the Women’s Softball
Fund News Field will Enhance Tournaments

The Chehalis Tribal Loan By Melissa Koepp
Fund wants your input! Can
you think of a new name for The Tomahawk women’s field
us? We want our new name is getting great new lights.
to include the following: There will be four new pole
lights, two sixty foot poles in
„„The value of community the infield and two seventy
„„Assets foot poles in the outfield,
which will be similar to what
Send all name suggestions to: is on the Tomahawk men’s Thank you! field.

This will be a great addition This is photo is an example of the improvement to the
that will allow the women’s softball field lighting system.
teams to keep playing after it
Logo Design Needed!
gets dark. Unfortunately, one eighty foot Douglas on the concrete boxes the poles will sit on, and
We are also looking for
a new logo. We would fir tree will have to be taken down, as it is located have started putting the electrical lines in. The
love for some Chehalis
artists to incorporate right where one of the outfield lights will go. new lights will have a control on each pole, so it
CTLF with community
into a new logo. Once the tree is cut down it will go to the Natural will be more flexible to use. The poles and lights

Resources firewood program, and will be ready to should arrive at the end of April, and be installed

use as firewood later this year. with the lighting ready to go for Tribal Days.

The work for the new softball field lighting is We can’t wait to see the women playing ball

being done by Travers Electric and Confederated under the bright new lights!
Construction. They have already begun working
We will continue to
serve the Chehalis Chehalis Tribal Wellness Center Staff Gather
Tribal members and the Honoring Their Outgoing Health Director
surrounding area of the
Chehalis Reservation. Health department employees gathered Thursday, We thank Jhon for your leadership, developing

Loan Products Offered February 26, for a luncheon to honor their the current health care wellness team, and

We are introducing a new consumer outgoing Health Director, Jhon Valencia. improving the health of the Chehalis Community.

NEW loan to be used for any purpose up to
$1000.00. Terms will be a 12 month


Micro Small Business Loans
Firework Loans
Debt Consolidation
Consumer/Credit Builder
Home Improvement Loans

Come see us, email us, or call us with any
questions. We have served over 113 customers
over the last two years.

Contacting the CTLF Program

Julie Burnett, Executive Director

Diana Pickernell, Loan Coordinator
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