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What is diabetes? Tribal Health and Wellness News

Diabetes Basics

Where can I get help with pre-diabetes and diabetes?

Diabetes means your blood sugar is too high. Your blood always has some „„Your health care team (doctor, nurse, diabetes educator, dietitian) can
sugar in it. Your body needs sugar for energy to keep you going. But too help you.
much sugar in the blood is not good for your health.
„„Talk with them about diabetes. They can help you make a physical
What is pre-diabetes? activity and healthy eating plan that will work for you. Many people also
need medication to treat diabetes.
Pre-diabetes means your blood sugar levels are higher than normal but not
high enough for diabetes. „„Get help from others. Talk with your family and friends and ask for
„„People with pre-diabetes are at higher risk for getting type 2 diabetes and support.

heart disease. You should have the following Diabetes Care Visits:
„„You can reduce your risk of getting diabetes.
Perform diabetes-focused visit Every 3-6 months
You may even be able to have normal blood sugar levels again! This may
happen if you lose a small amount of weight by eating healthy and being Refer to diabetes educator diagnosis, then every 6-12 months,
more physically active. or more as needed
Check A1C
What is type 2 diabetes? Review goals, medications, side Every 3-6 months
People get type 2 diabetes because the cells in their muscles, liver, and fat Every diabetes visit
do not use insulin properly. Over time, the body also cannot make enough
insulin. This leads to high blood sugar. Having high blood sugar for some Check lipid profile Annually
time can lead to serious problems with your eyes, heart, kidneys and Assess smoking/oral tobacco use Each visit
nerves. Type 2 diabetes is the most common type in American Indian and Check blood pressure Every visit
Alaska Native people. This type of diabetes can happen at any age, even in
children. Check urine albumin/creatinine ratio At diagnosis, then annually
(UACR) for albuminuria using a
What factors increase my risk for getting pre-diabetes and type 2 random urine sample At diagnosis, then annually; or as
diabetes? Retinal camera photo or dilated directed by eye specialist
„„Being physically inactive eye exam by an ophthalmologist or
optometrist Each diabetes visit; stress daily self-
„„Having a parent, brother or sister with diabetes Visual inspection of feet with shoes exam
and socks off At diagnosis, then every 6-12
„„Having had the kind of diabetes which can happen during pregnancy Dental exam by dental professional months
At diagnosis, then regularly
„„Being overweight Depression, substance abuse
screening Annually
What are the signs of type 2 diabetes? Influenza vaccine Once < 65 year old. Re-immunize if
„„Signs can be severe, very mild or none at all. This depends on how high Pneumococcal Vaccine > then 65 year old.
Unvaccinated adults < 60 years old
blood sugars have become. Look for these signs: Hepatitis B immunization
- Increased thirst
- Increased hunger Schedule an Appointment Today!
- Fatigue (feeling very tired most
of the time) The Chehalis Tribal Prevention team is currently encouraging those
- Increased urination diagnosed with Diabetes to please make an appointment to see your health
- Unexplained weight loss care provider here at the Chehalis Tribal Wellness Center to have your
- Blurred vision annual Diabetes Check-up.

„„A blood test to check your blood sugar will show if you have pre-diabetes You can call the clinic at 360-273-5504 to schedule your appointment with
or diabetes. Dr. Ray, Molly Mellon, or Catherine Casey. This appointment generally is
an hour long appointment. Please be sure to bring in a list of your current
Can type 2 diabetes be managed? medicines.

Yes. Taking care of your diabetes every day will help keep your blood sugar
in a healthy range. It will help you prevent health problems that diabetes
can cause over the years.

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