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Health continued from Page 1 the presentation. According to Dr. Ray, “The maintaining a healthy weight, reducing blood
Healthy Native Hearts Luncheon connects the sugar, and not using tobacco.
dots between childhood obesity, heart disease,
high blood pressure and lifestyle risks, including If you would like to learn more about these
nutrition and physical activity. And more please make an appointment and come in and talk
importantly what we can do about it.” to your health care provider at the clinic. The
Diabetes and SDPI staff is always available to
Next our new Colon Health and Diabetes Nurse help with your questions by calling
Ate’ha Triance, LPN had the attendees do some
easy chair exercises that you can do at home or 360-273-5504
at work. Please talk to your health care provider
before starting any exercise program.

Tribal community members signed up to The event ended with some door prize raffles:
qualify for the raffles at the end of the Pendleton cup, blenders and two - $80 Big 5
Native Healthy Hearts Luncheon. sporting good gift cards. The gift card winners
were Art Medina and Nancy Romero. Christina
and looks forward to a good working relationship thanked everyone for attending this event and
with our staff. Wendy then brought up Don said that we should be able to collaborate with
Secena, the Chehalis Tribal Chairman, to accept the American Heart Association in the future.
an award on behalf of the tribe. Don thanked the
Prevention staff for all their hard work on this Native American youth have the highest rates of Ate’ha Triance, LPN demonstrated some
collaboration. obesity in the country, affecting more than one in easy chair exercises you could do at
three Native American children. Heart Disease home or at work.
Dr. Lance Ray then did a slide presentation on is the No. 1 Killer of Native American Women-
heart disease prevention and Life’s Simple 7, killing more Native Americans earlier than any
the AHA’s seven steps to live a heart-healthy other racial group in the country. Eighty percent
life. Get Active, Control Cholesterol, Eat Better, of all cardiovascular events could be prevented
Manage Blood Pressure, Maintain a Healthy if women make healthier lifestyle choices, such
Weight, Reduce Blood Sugar and Stop Smoking. as exercising, controlling cholesterol, eating
Attendees were able to ask questions during nutritional foods, managing blood pressure,



1 cup Quinoa, well washed
2 cups Water
16 oz. Bag Frozen Mixed Berries, icy
2 cups Vanilla Flavored Yogurt

Calories Protein Total Fat Carbohydrate Dietary Fiber Cholesterol Sodium
197 6.7 grams 2.2 grams 24 grams
3.4 grams 4 milligrams 46 milligrams

Guest Speaker, Doctor Lance Ray did Place Quinoa in a strainer with fine mesh. Wash cool. Place in the refrigerator to chill before
a slide presentation on heart disease well (at least 5 minutes). Bring the water to boil combining ingredients for the dessert.
prevention. in a 1 quart saucepan. Stir in the Quinoa and  
turn down temperature till just barely boiling. To prepare dessert: Place ½ cup chilled Quinoa
Cover and simmer till all the water is absorbed in a small cup or bowl. Over the top of the
(15-20 minutes). After 15 minutes begin to Quinoa, pour ¼ cup Vanilla Flavored Yogurt and
watch the Quinoa closely, stirring occasionally then ¼ cup of the icy berries. Serve immediately.
and replacing the cover. When the water is  
all absorbed, remove from heat. Set aside to Makes: 8 – 1 cup servings.

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