Page 3 - Chehalis Tribal Newsletter - March 2015
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Movie Night continued from Page 1

raffle was offered. It will not be offered all the time, but it did
enhance the opening night with many people winning assorted
prizes the Heritage and Culture program had to offer. There was
also a critique of what could be offered to enhance at the next
movie night. Many agreed it was fun and planned to attend again.

Next Movie Night

The Events Program and Heritage & Culture program will be
having a “Movie Night” every month. The next scheduled movie

night will be on March 19, starts at 5:00 PM
in the Community Center Gathering Room.

Come and join us in bringing our families together!

Other Fun Activities Offered By Building continued from Page 1
the Heritage and Culture Program
The old bingo hall located across from the End of the Trail
Sewing Room Available 1 is scheduled to be removed. It was originally built in the
mid-1980’s to use as a Bingo Hall. It has housed many
The Heritage and Culture program is continuing with our open door policy different programs after the Lucky Eagle Casino was built
so that you can come and use our sewing room or come out and learn to including Stamping, Youth Center, and the Woodshop.
prepare your own weaving projects.  If you need a specific time that you
want to come out here please call Lynn Hoheisel at 360-709-1748 and we
will make arrangements to accommodate your schedule.


Many things have been happening in February. The tools from the old
woodshop have been relocated to the new woodshop by the Community
Center. The Culture and Heritage Program is developing a schedule for
use of the tools available at the woodshop. It is a great way to make give
away items for upcoming memorials.

Watch for Flyers and Sign-up sheets at the Tribal Center!

Instructors Wanted! After the old bingo hall is removed by the Chehalis
Construction Company, this new building will replace it in
The Heritage and Culture program is looking for instructors to teach story April or May of this year.
telling, weaving, beading or any other type of classes you can bring to
our tribe. Contact Joyleen McCrory at her tribal office in the Community
Center with examples of your work and costs for your classes.    Page 3
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