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Youth continued from Page 1 him to the development of Cloudboy Consulting. forward to what would be offered next.

Chance Today, Chance travels throughout the United Chance finished the night up and discussed that
Rush met States and Canada to work with Native making goals and having dreams is important.
and shook communities in an effort to inspire, heal, He shared a life experience about his mother
hands with motivate, and energize. He has a talent for asking him to come get his stuff from her house.
the children using his energy and humor to spread a simple As he looked at his trophy case he reminisced
in the message, “Use your personal talents to lead you about lessons and lifetime achievements. He
Gathering to greatness.” He promotes healthy living and was to share with the youth that along the path
Room. lives his life alcohol and drug free. you will need to remember that your life is
Chance like a trophy case. Fill it up with great things
Rush greets During his visit he invited the children to throughout your life.
Suzette participate in a little game called “Life
Klatush. on the Rez.” The rules were simple
and when the game was finished
high school track runner. His hard work paid off there would only be two winners. He
and opened doors to college scholarships. He quizzed the youth several times to
ran a successful college career where he won ensure that they understood. As you
two national championship rings. Academically, might think, they did and moved fast as
Chance worked his way to earning a degree in he announced each step.
social work.
Pizza was the reward for the evening.
Chance knew he had experienced some great Chance blessed the food and invited
things and learned many valuable lessons along the elders to go first. After that
the way. His passion for strengthening Native the youngest youth were invited to
communities combined with his experiences led feast, followed by the older children.
Children enjoyed the meal, laughing
and sharing with each and other looking Youth enjoyed playing the Life on the Rez game.

SPIPA’s Colon Health Program 4th Annual March to Prevention

By Christina Hicks, Community Wellness The SDPI staff offered blood sugar screenings completed a pre-assessment and post-assessment.
Manager and a key lime yogurt smoothie, which were a hit.
After the raffle drawing was completed the SPIPA
On Saturday, March 7, SPIPA’s Colon Health Winter Strong did a presentation on Traditional staff thanked everyone for coming and wished
Program held its 4th Annual March to Prevention Foods “The Science in the Culture Helpers for them a safe journey home. This event was made
at the Squaxin community kitchen. Rose and Foods and Medicines.” Winter offered two kinds possible by a cooperative agreement between
Mike Davis opened with a prayer and Bobbie of tea: Nettle and Peppermint, and a Detox tea. SPIPA and Centers for Disease Control and
Bush, CHP Coordinator, welcomed everyone to Winter talked about the importance of bringing Prevention.
the conference. back traditional foods into our daily life. Winter
also had a Nettle, Ground Turkey and Bean soup If you would like to know more about Colon
As everyone walked in they were greeted by the for everyone to sample. A healthy lunch was Health Screening, please contact Tia Triance,
CHP staff and encouraged to sign in, and receive served, provided by Bay View Catering. Patient Navigator for the CHP at Chehalis Tribal
a bag, umbrella, flashlight and tee-shirt. Wellness Center, 360-709-1774.
After lunch everyone walked over to the gym and
Jen Olson gave a Community Wellness Survey did a walk through of the Inflatable colon. To The
Report for all of the CHP tribal communities. A burn off some our lunch, we then participated in inflatable
community wellness survey was then handed out an “Exercise with Paddles” lead by Patty Suskin.
and participants were given a ticket for a chance This was an 8-10 minute exercise video that all colon
to win one of three Cabelas gift cards. were able to participate in. display
Digital Stories were shown by staff who had Participants then played Colon Health Bingo, participants
attended a Digital Storytelling workshop. With in which participants were given a question and on colon
the new technology each tribe was encouraged were encouraged to share the answer; the correct health care.
to start making their own in their tribal answer was then marked onto the Bingo Card.
communities. Participants earned another raffle ticket after they

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