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Tribal Health and Wellness News

NEEDED? Have you been referred for medical
care? Are you receiving medical
Cavities are mostly found bills in the mail?
on chewing surfaces.
Almost three quarters of all If so please bring them to the
cavities in children’s teeth Chehalis Tribal Wellness Center
are on chewing surfaces! so the Purchased Referred Care
Department can process and pay
Chewing surfaces are at risk them.
because they have deep pits
and fissures where germs New CTWC PRC Available
and food can hide.
Are you Contract Health Eligible? Have you received you new ID card?
HOW ARE SEALANTS PLACED? This ID card along with a Purchase Order will help to ensure outside
providers are billing the Purchased Referred Care Department quickly and
Placing dental sealants is really quick and easy! accurately.

Your dentist, dental hygienist, or dental assistant will prepare the tooth by If you or your family members have
cleaning the chewing surface. not received their card, please see

Then he/she will place the sealant material, which is white, on the tooth. Deb Shortman at the
Chehalis Tribal Wellness Center.

Then he/she will shine a light on the tooth to harden the sealant material. 13th Annual Breast Cancer Awareness Walk
That’s it! Hosted by Christina Hicks at Chehalis Tribe

WHO NEEDS TO GET A SEALANT? South Puget Intertribal Planning Agency
Native Women’s Wellness Program
Adults or children who may be at high risk for tooth decay.
Logo Contest
If you or your child has had a previous cavity, a sealant may be needed.
Last Day to The Native Women’s Wellness Program (NWWP) is
Your dentist, dental hygienist, or dental assistant will let you know if a Enter: looking for a logo to use for the 13th Annual Breast
dental sealant is recommended for your child. Cancer Awareness Walk (BCAW).
May 5, 2015
Turn in your entry to Christina Hicks. Once all
Dental sealants can be applied at any time, entries are received, they will be reviewed and voted
but they’re best applied soon after a tooth on.
„„A special kind of dental sealant can even Good Luck!

be placed on primary (baby) teeth to help For more information, please contact Christina Hicks at 360-709-1741
prevent cavities. or email:

„„Children as young as one year old have Mammogram Clinic
received dental sealants!
Friday, May 29 Call the Clinic at
HOW DO I GET MORE INFORMATION 9:00 AM to 3:00 PM 360-273-5504
ABOUT SEALANTS? to make your appointment.
With Swedish Mobile Mammography
Call the Chehalis Dental Clinic at
360-709-1659 and schedule an appointment

with Dr. Elton!

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