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Play helps your baby! PlayingwithYourBabyHelpsThemGrowSmarter,Stronger,HealthierandHappier

„„Learn about their body and the world
around her.

„„Build a special bond with you and other
family members.

„„Sleep better.
„„Have strong bones, lunges and heart.
„„Build strong muscles that will help them

learn to sit, crawl and walk.
„„Feel good!

Activities to build your baby’s muscles
- and their brain!

Large muscle activities
„„Rolling over
„„Pulling up
„„Creeping, crawling, climbing
„„Sitting, standing, walking.

Small muscle activities
„„Reaching, grasping, holding, shaking,


Why is it important for my baby to be WIC Program
active and play?
(Women, Infants, and Children) provides
„„Your baby’s brain grows quickly during
the first year of life. Learning begins healthy foods and nutrition information for
with play.
you and your child up to age 5.
„„Your baby will be able to explain more
and more as they learn to move around. For appointments or questions, contact:
Deb Shortman at 360-709-1689
Everyone needs to be active - even babies.
Play with your baby! Debbie Gardipee-Reyes 360-462-3227
You are your baby’s first and most Patty 360-462-3224
important teacher. Your baby is counting
on you to play with them. Play every day! SPIPA main number: 360-426-3990

What kinds of play do babies like? WIC Dates May 7

„„Babies like to move things from one 1st Thursday each month
hand to the other. They also like to take
things in and out of containers. 9:00 AM — 3:00 PM June 4 - Handing out 3
Chehalis Wellness Center summers months’s WIC
„„Babies like to be on their tummies
and reach for things in front of them. (dates and times may vouchers
Remember - babies should always sleep change)
on their backs, but when they’re awake July 9
they need tummy time to build strong

„„Babies like to creep and crawl over,
under and around things (like pillows,
chairs and boxes).

„„Babies like to play with things that are
different colors, shapes and sizes.

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