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The Chehalis Tribe Has Started a New Recycling Program! Chehalis Tribal Loan Fund News
I am happy to report that the Chehalis Tribe has are allowed in the recycling bins.
started a brand new recycling program! Starting „„Cardboard – small cardboard boxes can be July/August 2015
on August 3, all of the tribal government offices Firework Loans Update: The deadline to
will begin Comingled Recycling in an effort to flattened and put into the recycling containers. re-pay firework loans has been moved from
reduce the amount of trash that is shipped to the Larger boxes should be flattened and set aside September 1, 2015 to October 1. If you have
landfill. Look for the green recycling bins in the for pickup. They will be brought to the casino not made payment arrangements to re-pay your
tribal offices and start placing your recyclables where they will be bundled up in their baling loan, please come see the staff ASAP.
in them. The little green bins will get dumped machine.
into larger recycling totes located outside many USDA IRP Business Lending dollars are
of the offices. Those totes will get emptied by a „„No-No’s – A key rule for the recycling bin is available for micro and small businesses.
recycling company every other Wednesday. “When in doubt, throw it out.” We cannot fill
the bins with items that cannot be recycled, Business Plans
Comingled Recycling means everything goes into or the recycling company will simply throw Do you have an idea for a business? We can
one bin and the recycling company will sort it out it all away. Here is a list of things that should assist you with a Business Plan. Schedule an
at their factory. NOT go into the bins: At this time no glass appointment with us today.
bottles or jars will be recycled. No juice boxes,
or milk cartons, no light bulbs, no mirrors, Loan payments:
If you have a loan, we encourage you to have
Here are some tips for what gets recycled: no ceramics, no paper towels, no tissues, your loan payments auto deducted. This will
no greasy food or pizza boxes, no plastic or help you make timely payments, which will
„„Paper – all types of paper can go into the bins. metal lids, no batteries, no clear plastic food help boost your credit score. We also can
Office paper, sticky notes, notebooks (remove containers (like salad or fruit comes in), no tiny accept paypal payments now. There is a small
the metal spiral), mail, junk mail, magazines, single serve coffee containers, no styrofoam, surcharge associated with this form of payment.
newspapers, egg cartons, brown paper bags, no plastic bags and no food or food scraps.
Attention ARTISTS!
phone books, catalogues and cereal or cracker Comingled Recycling is very easy to do and CTLF is looking for a new logo that will show
type boxes. should help the Tribe save money on garbage the Chehalis Tribal community in the theme.
bills and lower the amount of trash that gets sent Please contact us if you have a design.
NOTE: You do NOT need to remove staples, to a landfill. In the near future, we hope to start
or see through windows on envelopes. Please, a recycling program for all of the homes on the If you have any questions, contact:
no paper towels, tissues, or greasy food stained reservation, so we can recycle even more stuff! Julie Burnett, Executive Director
paper. Those go in the trash. Reduce, Reuse, Recycle! Thanks for your help in
protecting our environment. 360-709-1831
„„Cans – metal cans like soup, tuna or coffee
cans go into the bins along with metal pots and If you have any questions, feel free to call Glen Diana Pickernell, Loan Coordinator
pans. Aluminum cans also go into the bins, Connelly at 360-709-1854.
but…. 360-709-1631

NOTE: There is currently a special collection
going on to help out a tribal student who is
collecting aluminum cans, so please look for
the special aluminum cans only bins and use

„„Plastic – plastic bottles of all shapes and
sizes can be recycled, as long as their neck is
smaller than their base. Plastic water bottles,
soda bottles, mayonnaise or peanut butter
jars, ketchup or mustard containers, milk
bottles and laundry detergent etc. You can
also recycle plastic tubs from dairy items
like yogurt, sour cream and cottage cheese.
You can also recycle plastic buckets and
flower pots as long as they are clean and
have no metal handles.

NOTE: Please rinse out all bottles, tubs or
buckets before putting them into the bins and
throw away their lids. No lids (metal or plastic)    Page 11
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