Page 9 - Chehalis Tribal Newsletter - August 2015
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Program Explains Emergency Fund Policies There is faith in their eyes,
Love in their eyes,
The Tribe has consolidated the Emergency funds that used to be operated by Love in their touch,
various departments into one Emergency Program operated through Social
Services. The policies have also been combined into one general policy. Kindness in their gestures.
Requesters will be asked to fill out paperwork to verify the need and family Thrill with them at life’s big and small
moments…hold them close.
The Emergency Assistance Fund program is designed to provide
limited financial assistance to Enrolled Chehalis Tribal Members who From small beginnings…come great things.
are experiencing economic hardship due to certain emergencies. The
emergency fund is intended to assist in the event of an emergent or crisis Call this toll-free number if you suspect that a child or vulnerable adult is
situation when no other funding source is available. Emergent or crisis being abused or neglected. The Operator will connect you with the right
situations are unexpected events that have a significant impact on the DSHS office to make your report.
person’s health, safety or welfare or may pose a threat to the health, safety
or welfare of the individual if assistance is not available. Washington State Department of Social and Health Services
Toll Free 1-866-End Harm (1-866-363-4276)
Emergencies are classified as Medical Travel, Funeral Travel or other
Emergent Costs. Situations should be short-term or temporary in nature, You may also call Chehalis Tribal Law Enforcement at 360-273-7051
and not chronic. The fund is intended for emergency needs only and is Protect Services Office hours are 8:00 AM to 4:30 PM
not intended for ongoing financial support. Recurrent costs for utilities, in the Social Services Building.
rent, insurance, gas for doctor appointments, etc. are not considered
emergencies. Medical and Funeral Travel Funds are to help assist with If you are call about immediate life-threatening emergency call 9-1-1!
travel costs for: Hotel stays, Food expense, Gas, and Airline Costs. This
Policy is also not intended to cover 100% travel costs. Some expenses must
be covered by the individual.

If you have questions please contact Social Services.

Employee Retires After 17 Years Foster Care Licensing Program

Tuesday, July 21, was a day pets. After her husband’s broken Are you interested in becoming an emergency, short term or
to remember for many tribal leg heals, they plans on traveling long term home for youth in need?
employees. One of our beloved and enjoying life. Donna has 3
staff member, Donna Koernke, adult children and several grandkids Please contact either Frances Pickernell at 360-709-1745
retired after 17 years working for to take care of too. or Melanie Hjelm at 360-709-1632
the Chehalis Tribe. Gone but never
forgotten, as she is remembered as Have fun and enjoy life Donna. Division of Child Support
a loving and caring person while Thank you for everything you’ve
employed with the tribe. done here at the Tribe! Eric Stender, Support Enforcement
Officer - Tribal Liaison
Donna started as a part-time, Dan “Bones” Gleason and 360-664-6971
temporary job in the Accounting Donna Koernke at her
Department, working on banking retirement party.
and any task that anyone else didn’t NOT SURE HOW TO GET STARTED? HAVE QUESTIONS? NEED
want to do! Eventually, as the Photo by Dianne Pickernell HELP FILLING OUT PAPERWORK?
Tribe grew, her role became almost
exclusively benefits administration, JUST SHOW UP BETWEEN 1:00 - 3:00 PM
and she moved in to the Human EVERY SECOND WEDNESDAY OF THE MONTH
she’s made sure all employees are
signed up for their benefits and
utilized them. She will be missed.
Donna joins her husband Kenny in
retirement along with their many    Page 9
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