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Who are you seeing when you go to the clinic? Diabetes Clinic
August 20, 2015
It can be confusing to know what type of healthcare professional you are seeing when you come into 8:00 AM to 4:30 PM
the clinic. Here is some more information to help you better understand what each person is doing. Chehalis Tribal Wellness Center
The Chehalis Tribal Wellness
Medical assistant (MA): MAs are usually trained at community colleges or vocational schools and Center will be “Kick Starting”
then take certification testing. They are skilled in both administrative tasks and clinical ones. You may their Diabetes Wellness Clinics
see an MA answering phones, processing charts or taking your vital signs and blood samples. on August 20, 2015.

Licensed practical nurse (LPN) and registered nurse (RN): LPNs complete their training at community This day will focus on the care of the diabetic
colleges or vocational schools and then take a certification test. Their school is about 2-3 years long. patient. We will have healthy snacks available,
An RN is someone who has either completed an Associate’s or Bachelor’s degree in nursing before diabetes information, diabetes meter exchange if
taking their board exam. Their school is about 4 years long. In a family practice clinic your nurses you are in need of an updated meter.
do a great deal of work you might not even see! They take your vital signs, collect blood or other
specimen samples, perform wound care, patient teaching, care coordination, process referrals, answer Patients will have Labs done, see their health
patient phone calls, triage patients, take x-rays, start IVs, administer vaccinations and medications, care provider, and see the Registered Nutritionist.
and much more. Check to see when your last Diabetes eye exam,
  Diabetes foot exam, Dental exam, review your
Advance registered nurse practitioner (ARNP): An ARNP is a health care provider who has completed immunizations, review your medications and also
a Bachelor’s and either a Master’s or PhD in nursing. Their training is similar in scope and duration screen for Depression and Tobacco use.
to that of a physician, which is why they can do everything a physician can do in your family practice
clinic. They are independent practitioners, which means they don’t have to (or need to) work under If you are a Diabetic and have not been seen for
the supervision of a physician. An ARNP does everything you’d expect from a primary care provider your regular Diabetes care we want to see you.
(PCP) at your clinic.
We will be having a Diabetes clinic every month,
Physician (MD): A physician is a health care provider that has completed a Bachelor’s degree as and plan to see all our diabetic patients.
well as graduate education in medicine. They also take board examination once they complete their If you want to schedule your Diabetes
training. Physicians, like ARNPs, may go into many different specialty areas, but the ones in family Appointment please call Pat Odiorne, RD,
practice have completed specific training in that field. At the Chehalis Tribal Wellness Center, your CDE or Christina Hicks, Community Wellness
PCP might be either a physician or ARNP. Manager at 360-273-5504

This is just a list of the licensed professionals at the Wellness Center. There are many other essential All Diabetic Patients who schedule
staff members who help make sure we can all do our jobs and you get the best care possible. an appointment and complete all
screenings during their visit will
Teeth Whitening, is it For You? receive a special Incentive! And be
put in for a raffle at end of day!
Teeth whitening or after whitening is completed.
“bleaching” is a safe and Our trained staff will make Medication Prescriptions Changes
effective way to whiten custom trays that precisely
teeth. There are many fit your teeth. In a private The Chehalis Tribal Wellness Center is no
advantages to having a dental office, this would cost longer picking up medications from Safeway in
whiter and brighter smile. approximately $400.00. At Centralia. If you wish to continue to receive your
Whiter teeth can help the Chehalis Tribal Dental medications from there, you will have to pick
increase confidence and Clinic we provide the same them up yourself. We now utilize Kirk’s CHS
make someone feel better expert care for $50.00. Pharmacy in Lacey, as they deliver medications to
about themselves. It is not the clinic during the week.
uncommon for someone to To see if you are a candidate
smile more after teeth have for teeth whitening, call and If your want your medication delivered, please
been whitened. Side effects contact Kirk’s CHS Parmacy to have your
are minimal and may include make an appointment at medications transferred over to them at
a short period of sensitivity the Chehalis Tribal Dental 360-493-8614
during the whitening phase,
but it quickly goes away Clinic today at NOTE: Narcotics can not be delivered.
If you have any questions or concerns, please call
the clinic at 360-2273-5504

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