Page 2 - Chehalis Tribal Newsletter - August 2015
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Basketball continued from Page 1 gifted, talent athletes who started but never
some surreal moments as the family made a lot finished. Our family wasn’t any different. It is
of sacrifices to help Shoni make it to the WNBA. hard to do, but together we are accomplishing
The film is about the family and the path to these goals.
making their dreams and goals come true. They
didn’t allow life challenges to get in the way. It Her words of advice to others are, “Dream Big!
wasn’t easy, but it was worth the journey. Do not let life get in the way, and it will. Meet
the challenges head on! If it does not work
After a good meal, the Schimmel’s shared their one way, find another. Find someone to help
journey, assisting their children to achieve their you, because we Native Americans have a large
dreams and goals. The Schimmel family was family.” She admits, “In the beginning, I didn’t
invited back to share their story, bringing with understand that so many Native peoples dreams
them the hopes and dreams for any Native lived through us. Everywhere we play the
American family to believe in. They come from support was huge in our path to success! Like
a humble and simple background, but to live off Shoni, it amazes me. Our family is trying to
the reservation brought huge obstacles. They met inspire other families to make the commitment of
them head on, and continued together as a family doing things positive things for themselves and
to make their children successful. Their core family.”
values helped them along the way with support
from the grandmother, friends, and family. Afterward, many tribal and community members
took photos, purchased Judes book, or ordered
Shoni might have made it to the WNBA, but some of the shirts with success slogans on them.
not forgotten and a star student athlete was her The youth center provided basketballs for the
younger sister Jude Schimmel. She played youth to have signed by Jude, Rick and Ceci.
alongside her sister in High School and College
(Louisville), never realizing that they were These activities set an exciting tone for the game
cutting the path for the hopes and dreams of the that was scheduled that evening: To go to a
next generation WNBA game in Seattle! Afterwards, the van
was loaded up with adults and children to go
Rick and Ceci shared their story about Jude. watch the Seattle Storm. It was Native American
She was a successful student-athlete, practiced Appreciation Day!
basketball, traveled throughout the United States,
took classes, and also wrote a book. Where she Then came game time. The crowd went wild
found the time and energy Jude only knows. The with excitement and joy as Shoni Schimmel’s
pride showed in her parents eyes as they shared name was announced for the Atlanta Dream. The
their story. half-time Colville tribal members performed their
traditional dances. It was an awesome display of
Jude shared her achievements in a quiet and talent through dance.
humble demeanor. The decision to live off the
reservation was different. People didn’t believe The night ended as the Atlanta Dream lost the
in Native Americans. There have been so many game to the hometown Storm. Either way, it was

an exciting and great day for
many who came to witness the

Page 2 Jude, Ceci and Rick
Schimmel visited
and shared their
story of living off
the reservation.
Together, as a family
they overcame their
challenges to achieve
their dreams and goals.   
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