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August is National Breastfeeding Awareness Month Evergreen Staffers Win “In The Spirit:
Are You Pregnant? Consider Breastfeeding Your Baby. Regional Native Arts Awards
Breastfeeding has kept native people strong since the beginning of time.
Olympia, (Washington) industrialization.
Submitted by WIC staff at SPIPA
Scientific studies have shown that breast milk helps bolster a child’s Two staff members
immune system, protects against obesity in babies, reduces the risk of
seizures, pneumonia, diarrhea, ear infections, diabetes and asthma. Breast associated with the Genia had traveled
milk is easily digested reducing the risk of constipation and diarrhea.
It is also correlated with a lowered risk of ovarian and breast cancer in Longhouse Education extensively and was on

mothers. and Cultural Center at her way to a gathering
“Breast-feeding is a way for Native women to connect with their
indigenous roots and raise their babies in a way that strengthens mom The Evergreen State of indigenous artists

and baby in many ways, from the start.” College have won in New Zealand when
( Source: Indian Country Today)
awards in the Tenth Linley Logan - Seneca, she saw pit mines in
Women in your community have shared some thoughts about their Annual In The Spirit: won the Innovation the landscape below
breastfeeding experiences: Contemporary Native award, for his vessel the plane. “I wanted to
Arts Market and entitled MANInfestation reflect the similarities
“I chose to breastfeed to have a closer bond with my child and to Festival, a regional between the indigenous
give them a healthier life. Breastfed babies get sick less, because the
juried show celebrating Native experiences of the Pacific Northwest
breastmilk builds up their immune system.”
American arts and artists. and New Zealand. The extraction of
“Baby knows best how much it needs to feel full, and won’t overeat or
undereat. The baby is in charge” resources is something we’re dealing
The festival, which will be held August with across the globe,” she said.
“Breastfeeding is easier than bottle feeding. The milk is ready all the 8 at the Washington State History
time. Nothing to mix up and always the best temperature. It is easier
than carrying around and cleaning all that extra stuff. Besides, formula is Museum in Tacoma, features pieces by She created the vessel at the gathering
expensive and sometimes the baby cannot drink certain formulas.” Linley Logan, director of Evergreen’s through a Raku firing technique for
“When you breastfeed, you have a relationship with your baby that no Northwest Heritage program pottery, but it broke in her suitcase
one else can have. It is a worthwhile commitment for a short period in and Erin Genia, the Longhouse’s on the way home.  Undeterred, she
your life.” program coordinator and a two-time put the piece back together using a
Evergreen graduate. Linley won Japanese technique known as Kintsugi,
Some women think they will not make enough breastmilk the Innovation award, for his vessel in which gold is painted along the
Answer: You will have just the right amount of breastmilk. entitled MANInfestation, and Genia crack lines. “The philosophy is that
won Best of Show, also for a vessel, it’s more beautiful after being broken,”
Breastfeeding makes more breastmilk. entitled Open Pit Gold Mine Vessel. said Genia, “but it also reminds us that
That means the more your baby breastfeeds, the more milk you make. Linley is Seneca and Genia is Sisseton- gold extraction is very harmful to the
It’s that simple. Women have enough breastmilk if they continue to Wahpeton Oyate. planet.” 

exclusively feed their babies breastmilk. Logan’s piece, a 24 inch high and 22 The In The Spirit Festival, August 8,
inch wide vessel shaped at once like involves a day of dancing, drumming,
Yes, babies do need to eat often. Newborns need to eat 8 to 12 times a a mutated fish and a bomb, is made singing, and shopping with a diverse
day. Did you know that when babies are born, their stomachs are only from cardboard, plaster of paris, gauze, group of Native American artists.
the size of a shooter marble? By a week, the stomach is the size of a bullet shells and paper pulp, and took The museum plaza will be filled with
walnut and can hold 2 ounces. When Mother Nature does the portion four years to complete, in part because vendors selling artwork in all price
control, babies learn to eat the right amount and grow healthy and desired thickness and hollow walls ranges and all exhibits are free to
strong. posed a challenge. (Linley applied the public that day. The In the Spirit
his Industrial Design background to Exhibit runs until August 30.
achieve his goal.) Miniature replicas

WIC Program of Edvard Munch’s The Scream adorn The Evergreen Longhouse, which
the four corners of the piece. “The celebrates its 20th anniversary this year,
(Women, Infants, and Children) provides Scream itself was based on a Peruvian
mummy that Munch is the first of its kind
healthy foods and nutrition information for you had seen,” said Logan. on an American college
“So, I am culturally campus and is known
and your child up to age 5. re-appropriating it back locally, regionally,
to its indigenous roots.” nationally and
For appointments or questions, contact: First Thursday The piece is painted throughout the Pacific

Deb Shortman at 360-709-1689 each month

Debbie Gardipee-Reyes 360-462-3227 9:00 AM — 3:00 PM gold, to represent Erin Genia - Sisseton- Rim, as an educational
or at the Chehalis
Wellness Center idol worship, and its Wahpeton Oyate, won and artistic hub for

Patty 360-462-3224 or SPIPA main number: (dates and times themes cover war, Best of Show, entitled Native American culture
may change)
climate change and Open Pit Gold Mine Vessel. and voices.

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