Page 12 - Chehalis Tribal Newsletter - April, 2016
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is a publication of the Confederated PERMIT No. 2
Tribes of the Chehalis Reservation.

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HUNT signed up for prizes provided by the CLOCKWISE
Youth Center. While kids were out FROM
From page 1 in the field, the drawing was held. TOP LEFT:
shining bright with colored eggs. Their names were announced, and Children dye
the children came to claim their prize. eggs at the
Youth Center Director Tony Medina Chehalis
called out the age brackets. The younger Afterward, Easter bunnies and bags Youth
ones kicked off the day as they began of candy were offered to all of the kids. Center, raffle
hunting with their parents. Next, young winners
children hustled to pick up eggs Families and youngsters hold their
before the older kids started. created special memories as prizes, kids
they waited patiently to get their bag Easter
When the oldest ones were picture taken with the Easter egg hunt
unleashed, the scramble was Bunny. It was a huge tribal finds and
astounding. community gathering. youngsters
had the
Youngsters were seen running Thank you to all of the staff, chance to sit
everywhere. They were fast, too. volunteers and other programs on the Easter
It might have taken a week of that came out to help. Bunny’s lap.
preparation, but only minutes went
by and the eggs were gone. Happy Easter everyone!

Before the hunt began, children
   7   8   9   10   11   12