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The Confederated Tribes right, the Heritage program. She picked a lot
of the Chehalis Reservation, meets and donated it to the culture program
and the Elders’ program.
‘People of the Sands’ Vicki
Wiese of The wood has been kept in storage.
Articles and opinions expressed the Coos With Walter’s help, we will now be able
are not necessarily the opinions History to start making cedar projects. Some
of this publication or the Chehalis Museum Elders have created small baskets
to bring already, and some are working on a
Tribal Business Committee. medallion now.
a very
SUBMISSIONS special We will work on these projects
The Chehalis Tribal Newsletter piece of weekly and bi-weekly, so check your
history monthly calendar.
encourages tribal members
to submit letters, articles, home Sign-up sheets are available at
photographs and drawings to be to the the Elders Center. Come join in the
considered for publication. Chehalis fun and enjoy good conversation and
These are subject to editing. Tribe. snacks while making a cedar project.
Contributing writers, artists and
photographers include Chehalis Basket comes back home I want to thank Walter for his time
tribal community members and and dedication to the project, and
staff. Submission deadline is Contributed by Heritage Coordinator Program to share details on what the also to his supervisor for allowing him
the first of each month (printed Lynn Hoheisel museum had located. She said they to work with us. I hope to see more
wanted to return the basket to its Elders come out and work on a cedar
monthly). The Chehalis Tribal Heritage & rightful place. project with Walter.
Culture Program received a special
TRIBAL CENTER gift from the Coos History Museum in Arrangements were made to meet Coming up: The 2016 Elders trip
360-273-5911 Oregon. While researching inventory in Vancouver to make the exchange will be to Oahu, Hawaii. Presently, I
records, museum staff found a basket because she wanted to hand deliver am working out the cost and when and
420 Howanut Road that might have been from the Chehalis the item. She presented me with this where. Watch for an announcement
Oakville, WA 98568 Tribe. Documented records showed the very old and beautiful basket. It was soon.
360-709-1726 (office) museum received it in 1961. an honor for me to transport the
360-273-5914 (fax) basket to the Chehalis Tribe for it to For questions or concerns, please
In February, Collections Manager be archived with other baskets that call Elders Coordinator Nancy Romero
CHEHALIS TRIBE’S Vicki Wiese contacted the Heritage have been given back to our tribe. at 360-870-0141.
To be a thriving, self-sufficient, Chehalis road safety plan discussed
sovereign people, honoring our
past and serving current and On March 3, the Chehalis Tribal representatives from Gibson traffic and Elders
future generations. Transportation Planning Department community members. The meeting April
along with Gibson Traffic Inc. held a was important to the planning Reynolds
BUSINESS COMMITTEE community meeting to address a safety department because it allowed the (above)
Don Secena, Chairman plan for the reservation. Discussions people most affected a chance to voice and
Harry Pickernell, Sr., included possible lighting issues along concerns and address issues we would Carolyn
main roads, installing sidewalks for like to correct as soon as possible. Sloppy
Vice Chairman safety and all areas that might require (left) work
Farley Youckton, Treasurer attention to improve roadways. All of the information gathered will on cedar
Cheryle Starr, Secretary be very valuable when putting together baskets.
In attendance were members a long-range transportation plan and Walter
Dan Gleason, Sr., of the transportation department, will be a benefit to tribal residents and Lewis
5th Council Member law enforcement, enterprises, guests that come to our village. stripped
the cedar,
NEWSLETTER STAFF Changes to tribal zoning ordinance which was
Fred Shortman, harvested
The Chehalis Tribe is updating the trust land off the reservation, such by Evelyn
Communications Coordinator zoning ordinance and has proposed as the properties in Grand Mound. Penn a few changes that could improve A letter is being mailed to all tribal years ago.
future development. The zones include members about these proposed
forested, commercial, residential, changes, which are open for public
rural/agriculture and sensitive. A new comment this month.
zone – mixed use – has been added.
If you’d like to see new zoning
Mixed-use zoning will blend maps or changes to the ordinance,
commercial and residential lands to stop by the Planning Department.
enhance economic and residential Zoning changes will be on a future
options. Also added is the zoning of General Council meeting agenda.
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