Page 11 - Chehalis Tribal Newsletter - April, 2016
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Ava Boyd Hunter Ortivez Emily Ortivez

Oakville Elementary Oakville Middle School Oakville High School
First grade Seventh grade 12th grade

Ava Boyd is the daughter of Hunter Ortivez finished third Emily Ortivez ended third
Daryl and Angie Boyd. quarter at Oakville Middle School quarter with a 3.74 GPA. She is
with a 3.81 GPA. He is the son of the daughter of Yolanda Ortivez.
She likes reading and math and Gary and Georgia Ortivez.
feels she is a successful student Emily is happy this is her last
because she goes to school. Her What Hunter likes most about year of high school. She enjoyed
advice for others is to listen to school is playing sports. He likes playing volleyball with her school
their teacher. football, basketball and baseball. for the past four years, and she
also likes leadership.
When not in school, Ava enjoys playing Hunter feels he is successful at school because
baseball. Her favorite superhero is Batman. If she of the support of his family and friends who She feels that she is a successful student
could have any superpower, she would choice to encourage him to do his best. His advice for other because she puts in the work.
be invisible so that she can hide from her teacher. students is to work hard and never give up.
Her advice for other students is to get to school
When she graduates high school, Ava wants to After Hunter graduates high school, he wants on time.
work at the store. to go to college at South Puget Sound Community
Contributed by the Chehalis Tribe K-12 Program College in Olympia to study culinary arts. He After Emily graduates, she will attend South
hopes to one day own his own business. Puget Sound Community College to study

Attention tribal members: If you feel From the education department:

your child should be nominated for student of Congratulations, keep up the
the month, contact Jodie Smith at jsmith@ good work! As a reward for their or 360-709-1897. Tell us the commitment to school and personal
reason your child should be considered. growth, each student of the month will
Deadline is the last Friday of each month. receive a $50 gift card.

BECOME A FOSTER PARENT Chehalis Tribe Mariners suite

It’s easier than you think. If you are YOU MAY BE: With the 2016
age 21 or older and in good health, n Single, married or divorced season around
Chehalis Tribal Foster Care Program n Male or female the corner, watch
would love to hear from you. n A parent with young or grown kids for signups to
n Someone who’s never had children visit Safeco Field
YOU WILL NEED: n Employed and enjoy Seattle
n A good-size spare room n Someone with a criminal record for Mariners baseball
n Evidence of parenting skills, either non-violent offenses in the past
with your own kids or other people’s We want everyone to
n A commitment to ongoing training FOSTER CARE CLASS have the opportunity
n An interest in helping young people Want to learn more? Attend a to go, so tickets are
with difficulties understand that they class from 9 a.m.-4 p.m. April 16 limited to one visit per
do have a future and 17 at the Community Center. tribal member. Just like
n A commitment to working in For questions, call Heather Hoyle last season, you will be
partnership with the child’s birth at 360-709-1754 or Frances allowed to bring one
family and an Indian Child Welfare Pickernell at 360-709-1745. person.
social worker We like to get notice
n We are willing to work with you CONTACT out two weeks before a
getting licensed. We need homes for Call Leroy Boyd at 360-709-1787 game, so please come
emergencies, respite, short term and sign up once you see
long term. or Philip Youckton at 360-709- the flyer.
1752 or visit us in the events FOOD: Will not be
CONTACT provided in the suite
Chehalis Tribal Foster Care Program, office at the community center. unless noted
360-709-1745 or 360-709-1632 AGES: 18-54
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