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Knowledge is power: Protect yourself from HPV

Anyone who is sexually MORE INFORMATION Otherwise, you can reduce your
active can get virus; can chances by limiting the number of
lead to cancer in women If you have any questions or concerns sexual partners. However, even if you
about HPV, please contact: only have one sexual partner, you still
It’s important to know what human eventually turn into cancer. n Chehalis Tribal Wellness Center at can be infected.
papillomavirus is and how to protect 360-273-5504
yourself. Tips to prevent getting virus n Center for Disease Control and 4. If sexually active, condoms
Prevention at 800-232-4636, will help reduce the chance of being
HPV is a common virus, and there 1. Women are encouraged to get std/hpv infected.
are many types. Some types can cause a PAP test starting at age 21 and every
cancer, such as cervical cancer in 3-5 years thereafter depending on age vaccination cannot protect against There is no treatment for HPV, but
women, and other rarer types of cancer and circumstance. A PAP test can find all problems caused by HPV, so it there are treatments for the health
in both men and women. Other HPV abnormal cells early and they can be is still very important to get regular problems that HPV can cause, such as
types can cause genital warts. At times, removed before becoming cancerous. screenings. The recommendation for abnormal cervical cells, cervical cancer
this virus comes and goes and might starting the vaccination series (three and genital warts.
not cause any problems. 2. The HPV vaccination is doses over six months) is at age 11 or
available for both males and females 12, but the vaccination can be given There is no blame or shame about
Most of the time, you might not to help reduce the chances of genital as early as age 9. “Catch-up doses” having HPV. A person can have HPV
even know you have HPV and won’t warts, cervical cancer and other also can be given for ages 13-26 if not for a long time and not even know it.
exhibit symptoms. types of cancer caused by HPV. This received at an earlier age.
Having HPV does not mean your
HPV is sexually transmitted. Anyone 3. The only way to completely partner has been cheating on you.
who is sexually active – even if you have prevent HPV is by not having sex.
sex with just one person – can get HPV. It is important that you focus on
Your risk of getting HPV increases if protecting your health and follow up
you have multiple sex partners. with your medical provider to make
sure HPV does not lead to cancer or
You cannot get HPV from toilet other problems.
seats, kissing on the mouth, hugging or
holding hands, swimming in pools or
hot tubs or poor hygiene.

In women, HPV can cause normal
cells to become abnormal that might

with the Elders
This is a 16-week class to help you:
The Special Diabetes Program for Indians has kicked off a new n Learn the facts about healthy eating and being active
program to help Chehalis tribal elders increase activity, stamina n Discover what makes it hard for you to eat healthy and be active; learn how
and balance. Staff member Gloria Jones will lead the group. to change these things so they work for you, not against you
Please come join us. We hope to see you there!
n Get the long-term support you need
WHEN: 9-10 a.m. Tuesdays You are welcome to invite a friend or family member
WHERE: Chehalis Tribal Community
Center pool When: Noon-1 p.m. Tuesdays through May 25
Where: PT Room at the Chehalis Tribal Wellness Center
According to the Centers for Disease CONTACT
Control, senior fitness can: Gloria Jones at For more information, contact:
n Help maintain ability to live independently. 360-709-1810, Pat Odiorne RD, CDE
n Reduce risk of coronary heart disease gjones@chehalis
and of developing high blood pressure, 360-709-1884,
colon cancer and diabetes. Gloria Jones
n Reduce symptoms of anxiety and
depression, foster improvements in mood. 360-709-1810,
n Maintain healthy bones, muscles, joints.
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