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Day focuses on women’s health

Chehalis Tribal Wellness Center will will offer services in the parking lot of
hold a Women’s Wellness Clinic from 8 the Chehalis Tribal Wellness Center
a.m.-4:30 p.m. Tuesday, May 31. from 9 a.m.-3 p.m. Women age 40 and
older should have a mammogram once
This is a great time for women to a year. Please schedule an appointment
schedule their annual exams, clinical with a provider to have a clinical breast
breast exams and mammogram exam prior to your mammogram
appointments. Clinic providers will see appointment by calling 360-273-5504.
only women health exams on this date.
To schedule a women’s annual exam
All women will receive an incentive and/or mammogram, call the wellness
gift for having their exams done that center at 360-273-5504 or contact
day and will be put into a bigger Christina Hicks, community wellness
drawing for the end of the day. manager, at 360-709-1741.

Swedish Mobile Mammography also

Benefits of using mouthwash

Women who smoke during pregnancy can face complications for mom and baby. Contributed by Chehalis Tribal Dental Clinic visit, it might help freshen your breath
Citing Dr. Matt Messina, a spokesman and is safe in most cases, he explained.
Smoking while pregnant:
Kick habit for baby’s sake for the American Dental Association, For people with “periodontal disease
an article in the March 23 issue of Time or some harmful types of mouth
Smoking during pregnancy What is secondhand smoke? magazine considers whether using bacteria, an antibacterial rinse could
exposes a baby to dangerous Secondhand smoke is the smoke from mouthwash is a safe and effective step in help kill the bacteria that cause the
chemicals such as carbon monoxide the burning end of a cigarette, pipe a person’s dental care routine. disease,” Messina said, although he
and nicotine. or cigar as well as breathing in smoke advises speaking with a dentist first.
exhaled by a smoker. Secondhand “I like to say mouthwash is an
Carbon monoxide lowers the smoke contains more than 7,000 addition to proper oral hygiene, not a “You don’t need mouthwash, but if
baby’s supply of oxygen and nicotine chemicals, 70 which are known substitute,” Messina said. you enjoy it, or you have bad breath
increases the baby’s heart rate. Both to cause cancer. Pregnant women and feel it helps, then there’s no
are stressful to the baby. exposed to secondhand smoke have While mouthwash does not replace substantiated risks to rinsing once or
an increased risk of pregnancy loss. daily brushing or a twice-yearly dentist twice a day,” Messina said.
Women who smoke during
pregnancy are more likely to have: Babies who are exposed to WIC through SPIPA
secondhand smoke:
n Loss of pregnancy n Checks to purchase nutritious food You might be eligible for
n Vaginal bleeding n May experience slow lung growth n Nutrition and health education WIC services through SPIPA:
n Complications with the placenta n Are at an increased risk for colic n Breastfeeding education, support
n Pre-term labor n Are more likely to die from n Health and human services referral Getting food stamps/basic foods?
n Premature birth Sudden Infant Death Syndrome Pregnant or have a child under the
How does smoking during n Are at a higher risk for asthma, age of 5?
pregnancy affect the baby? bronchitis, pneumonia and ear Dad, grandparent, foster family or
During pregnancy, the baby infections other caregiver of children?
receives nutrients through its mother. Can you safely quit smoking Under the age of 5?
If the mother smokes, the baby will during pregnancy? On Medicaid or TANF?
be exposed to nicotine, an addictive Absolutely! Talk to your doctor
drug, and chemicals that have been for advice on how to safely quit Many working families are on
known to cause cancer. during pregnancy. Pregnant women WIC. Is your income within
Babies born to women who should try to quit early to reduce the following guidelines?
smoke during pregnancy are more the risk of health complications for
likely to be born: their baby. However, stopping at any CONTACT People Maximum Maximum
n Prematurely time during pregnancy is beneficial. in your annual monthly
n With an increased risk of Sudden Quitting smoking is the best way to Debbie Gardipee-Reyes, household income income
Infant Death Syndrome help you have a healthy pregnancy 360-462-3227 or Patty
n With birth defects and healthy baby. Switching to light Suskin, 360-462-3224 2 $29,471 $2,456
n At a low birth weight or mild cigarettes or cutting down on 3 $37,167 $3,098
n With an increased risk of asthma the number of cigarettes pregnant For Chehalis: Debra 4 $44,863 $3,739
and other respiratory infections women smoke, are not safer choices. Shortman, 360-709-1689 5 $52,559 $4,380
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