Page 11 - Chehalis Tribal Newsletter - June 2016
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Chehalis Tribal Days royalty selected

Youngsters shine future events. Several children on why they should be selected 2016 CHEHALIS TRIBAL
during pageant submitted to be participants as the 2016 Chehalis Tribal ROYALTY – Back row from left:
for this year’s royalty selection. Royalty. The younger ones Mr. Chehalis Tristan Smith, Miss
A huge audience came Presentations were well were cute, and some were very Chehalis Tribal Days Mia Ortivez,
out to see the Youth Center- thought out. Older kids put bashful. It was a great evening Little Miss Chehalis Riley Smith,
sponsored Chehalis Tribal their best foot forward and watching the children shine as Junior Miss Chehalis Taylena
Days Pageant on May 25. took the time to write speeches they gave their presentations. Klatush, Youth Center Director
The large crowd required Tony Medina. Front row from left:
more tables than usual to Little Mr. Chehalis Tyson Canales,
accommodate everyone. Youth Head Start Mr. Chehalis Quinten
Center Director Tony Medina Canales, Head Start Miss
announced there was a new Chehalis Jude Ortivez and Junior
development – the addition Mr. Chehalis Michah McNair.
of a Mr. Chehalis Tribal Days
category to the selection. CATEGORIES

After the blessing of the Female: Head Start Miss
food, Elders were invited to Chehalis, Little Miss Chehalis,
be served first. While in line Junior Miss Chehalis and Miss
waiting to get their dinner, Chehalis Tribal Days
some of the children were Male: Head Start Mr. Chehalis,
heard excitedly talking about Little Mr. Chehalis, Junior Mr.
their presentations. Chehalis and Mr. Chehalis

Tribal Elders were there
to vote on whom should
represent the Chehalis Tribe at

Green thumbs unite at Garden Party

Community coaxes the starts were tucked away in Workers weed
out nature’s bounty the ground, plants were given and replant
a much-needed drink. It was raised beds at
The Chehalis Tribe held great! the Chehalis
its first Garden Party at the Community
Community Center garden Afterward, workers re- Center garden
May 12. It was a fun-filled day energized with water, snacks, May 12.
of cultivating and getting dirty fruits and vegetables before
in the soil. The event involved heading off to their next
many different programs – the adventure. It’s nice to know
SDPI, Vocation Rehabilitation the good deed is done and
Program, Behavioral Health, everyone can look forward to
Youth Center and the Chehalis munching on fresh, healthy
community. food in the near future.

The raised garden beds
were weeded and replanted
with fruits and vegetables
that will be harvested and
used for various events. Many
volunteers, adults and youth
participated, making short
work of prepping the garden.

Each worker was offered
a pair of gloves and water to
stay hydrated in the warm
weather. It was the first time
some of the volunteers tended
the land. They demonstrated
they were there to learn and
work together to create a
well-rounded garden. After all
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