Page 8 - Chehalis Tribal Newsletter - June 2016
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1 EMILY PICKERNELL: Happy 13th birthday Emily. Love Dad, More KAYLENA DELGADO: Happy
Mom and Piggy! wishes birthday Kaylena! We love
Eric Beckwith you so much! Love Mom,
Mario Robles 12 15 JUNE “TINY” JONES: Happy Dad, Bubby and Kaiden.
Caiden Starr Paul Klatush Keziah-Maray Gleason birthday to our Great
Lindsey Shadle Gramma Tiny! We love you. 24
13 REYNOLDS: Happy Jeannette Boyd
Payton Albert Warren Beckwith birthday! We love you! Jordan Hutchinson-Albert
Roberta Combs Leona Clary Charles Blacketer RICHIE DELGADO: Happy Erica Esselstrom
Latisha Boyd wedding anniversary to my Tanner McCloud
3 14 Susan Sanchez husband. I love you with all Joshua Phillips
Brendon Torres my heart! – Erin
Billy Uden Jeremy Klatush Raquel Wellman ROBERTA COMBS: Happy 25
Rachael Mendez Cael Youckton birthday from your family.
4 Levi Sanchez, Jr. LOYALA JEAN KATHLEEN Robert Dupuy
Rick Sanchez, Jr. 17 DAVIS: Happy birthday to Aaron Myer
Suzzanne Ortivez one of many princesses in Heather Youckton
Nikki Sanders my life!
5 Happy birthday to my one
and only son. Mom loves Soryn Davidson
Zach Baker you very much! Janet Sanchez
Leroy Boyd
20 27
Barnaby Canales Rena Hernandez-Klatush
Allen Andrews Darian Washburn
Tyson Hoheisel Marvin Youckton 28
Michael LeClaire
Dustin Sanchez 21 Brian Benda
Vincent Sanchez Janessa Bumgarner
Harold Pickernell, Jr. Filiberto Sanchez
8 Bailey Revay-Fern
Tyler Beckwith 23
Donna Waypetemahquah Elaine Myer
Choke Jordan Eichelberger Brooke Stein
Loyala Davis Anastasya Lukianov
David Dupuis Danika Pickernell
Lee Starr, Sr. Edward Sanchez
Winona Youckton
Marilyn Johnson
June Jones Adam Lower
Emily Pickernell STACY YOUCKTON. Happy Anthony Youckton JORDAN HUTCHINSON-ALBERT: Happy birthday to our
birthday from Pam, Stacy Youckton beautiful Jordan. The 24th is a day that makes us
10 Courtney, Conner, LJ and appreciate the ones we love. Always know we are here for
family. 19 you! Love you always, Gramma Joyleen, Uncle Eli, Uncle
Jeffrey Klatush Beverly Bishop Kevin, Vernon and all your little cousins.
Bryce Reynolds Kaylena Delgado
Blaze Sanchez Sonya Sherman
Duane Williams, Jr. Cheryl Stein


Malena Canales
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