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Madoleen Goddard for her teacher. Her and work at the Chehalis Tribal Wellness
advice for other students Center because they get to use special
Rochester Primary is to pay attention to the equipment and supplies. She plans to get
Second grade teacher so they are ready a house close to college, then move back
for third grade and home. After she has worked at the clinic
Madoleen Goddard is in second listen to learn a lot about for a while and saved money, she will go
grade at Rochester Primary. She is the science and history. to college in Oregon to become a surgeon.
daughter of Orinda Goddard and Joe
Boyd. She loves her whole family; her Outside of school, Madoleen says if she was chairman
favorite person is her uncle Chops. Madoleen enjoys playing of the Chehalis Tribe, she would make
on her baseball team the Astros. more baseball teams for the kids on
Madoleen enjoys math and reading After she graduates from high school, the reservation to play, build a hospital
and solving problems by herself. Her Madoleen wants to go to the Husky to make sure if someone gets hurt
favorite stories are “Bear Man,” a Native school (University of Washington) or they don’t have to travel all the way to
American Indian folk tale, and a book college in Oregon – but mainly the Centralia or Olympia and bring in a
on how girls couldn’t play baseball. Husky school because it is her favorite Wal-Mart or Safeway so people don’t
team as well as her mommy’s. have to drive too far to get food and
She feels she is a successful student Madoleen wants to become a doctor things they need.
because of her perseverance and respect

Jeremiah Baker He enjoys basketball and Higher education
playing outside. opportunities
Rochester Middle School
Sixth grade When Jeremiah For young students first entering
graduates from high higher education, picking a degree
Jeremiah Baker, a sixth-grade student school, he wants to go to and career to pursue is a daunting
at Rochester Middle School, is holding college to play baseball. and complex challenge. A degree
a 3.11 GPA. He is the son of Talisa and He would like to attend in medical assisting presents an
Russ Baker. Washington State even greater challenge because of
University and major in math. After the number of specializations and
Jeremiah enjoys hanging out with attending college, he wants to come certifications available.
his family, even his siblings. He likes back to our community and make bigger
physical education because he gets to do baseball fields. To help students find their way,
different sports and run around. If Jeremiah was chairman of the the Center for Online Education has
Chehalis Tribe, he would make it a created a medical assistant degree
Jeremiah says he is a successful better place for us to live by not letting and career guide to help answer
student because he is always learning people litter. tough questions such as:
new things. His advice for other students
is to do your work and turn it in on time. n Which degree should I get?
n How should I specialize in
Faith Hoheisel ‘I would be involved with the medical assisting?
youth and let them go and n How long will it take?
River Ridge High School experience new and exciting n How much will it cost?
Eleventh grade things and activities.’ For more information, go to
Faith Hoheisel is in FAITH HOHEISEL, WHAT SHE WOULD DO IF assistant or call 202-367-9383.
Ridge High School. She Grants available
has a 3.6 GPA and is school, Faith wants to be a social worker
the daughter of Jacob and help children. She plans to attend Interested in attending college
Hoheisel and Kristy Gonzaga University or Washington State after graduation but struggling to
McIntry. University to study psychology. find the funding? There is hope!
Check out and
Faith likes going on Faith wants to give back to her apply. There are qualifications and
adventures with her community through education and guidelines to follow. Your future
family. She also appreciates having the hands-on work with the youth. career is awaiting you!
chance to meet new people in school
and enjoys the various class options. If Faith was chairman of the Chehalis
Tribe, she says: “I would be involved with
She says perseverance is key to her the youth and let them go and experience
success in school. “Always try your best new and exciting things and activities.”
and never give up,” Faith says.

Faith also is involved with Skills USA
for Automotive.

When she graduates from high

Contributed by Chehalis Tribe K-12 Program
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