Page 2 - Chehalis Tribal Newsletter - November 2016
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Tribal Police
New LPN here to help hiking, running and bicycling. Explorer
He looks forward to working in our program
Hi, my name is Genevieve Herbrand. I
am your new licensed practical nurse at the community. This great addition will Are you interested in
Chehalis Tribal Wellness Center. I started enhance what the clinic can offer to the becoming a Tribal Police
in August. Chehalis Tribe. Explorer? Would you like to
I was born and raised in be a mentor to our people and
Jeremy looks forward to meeting make a positive impact in the
everyone who comes to the clinic! Chehalis tribal community?

our beautiful Washington Pharmacy technician If so, take the next step in
state. The Pacific embraces different path becoming a positive influence
Northwest has so much to by joining this worthwhile
offer. I enjoy the outdoors training program. There are
and love to go hiking in the various programs involved
Northwest. Hello, my name is Harold Pickernell with the Public Safety
Jr. I will be working as the new pharmacy Program.
I’m happy to be part technician at the Chehalis Tribal Wellness
of the Chehalis Tribal For more information or to
Wellness Center team and Genevieve Center. I am a Chehalis sign up, please contact Mike
Herbrand tribal member and was McNair or Jake Dickerson at
I’m looking forward to raised on the reservation. 360-273-7051.
giving great care to tribal
members. My grandmothers are There are requirements
Janice Latch and Lorilee and testing, but don’t let that
Pickernell. Both are deter you. Stop by the Chehalis
CTWC pharmacist ready elders and Chehalis tribal Tribal Law Enforcement
to meet community members. My grandfathers Department at 30 Niederman
are Wayne Bray and Gerald Road in Oakville to fill out an
Registered pharmacist Jeremy Brown “Gunny” Pickernell Sr., Harold application.
who was a member of the Pickernell Jr.
has been hired as our new pharmacist at We look forward to visiting
the Chehalis Tribal Wellness Center. He Quinault Indian Nation. My parents are with you and answering any
Harold Sr. and Stephanie Pickernell, both questions you may have.
graduated from Washington Chehalis tribal members. I am a father to
State University College Watch for flyers on an
of Pharmacy in 1997. His twin girls Alexis and Kiara, 4, and Collin, 2, upcoming meeting.
with my girlfriend Jessica Hill.
professional experience I graduated from Oakville High School Chehalis Tribal Law
includes work in retail Enforcement places strong
pharmacy at Safeway, and took a year off to figure out what my emphasis on community-
career path would be. I spent four years oriented policing for all
Costco, Longs Drug and with the Chehalis Early Learning Program. residents and visitors to the
Drug Emporium. He also Confederated Tribes of the
has worked at Northwest I learned so much from the children. Chehalis Reservation. The
Working with them was a memorable department consists of a
Remedies compounding Jeremy experience. director, 10 commissioned
pharmacy and Pacific Brown officers and supervisors.
As part of my job, I will help with
Northwest Specialty prescriptions. I also am responsible for
Jeremy grew up in Oakville and getting the pharmacy up and running. I
look forward to my career shift with the
graduated from Oakville High School in Wellness Center and working with our new
1992. He enjoys spending most of his free
time outdoors with his wife and daughter pharmacist Jeremy Brown.

Grants to provide essential community services

Youth support, public five different grants. n The second award is the Comprehensive Tribal
safety among areas n The first grant in the in the Justice Systems and Victim Assistance Program
that will benefit Alcohol and Substance Abuse will provide an advocate to
Public Safety and Community grant, which will continue the victims of any crime.
In September, the United Policing purpose area will tribe’s national award-winning
States Department of Justice provide funding for dash cams offender re-entry program to n The last grant is through
announced recipients of the for law enforcement officers reduce recidivism. the Tribal Youth Program,
Coordinated Tribal Assistance and tactile firearm training. which will support youth
Solicitation. The Chehalis Tribe Training will be shared with n The third grant will fund engagement, prevent bullying
received more than 2.1 million other jurisdictions, including the tribe’s domestic violence and support high-risk youth.
dollars. Funds were awarded in Grays Harbor and Thurston program to prevent violence
counties, and aid in lethal against women. The three-year grants will
force decision-making. provide important services to
n A fourth award through our community.
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