Page 12 - Chehalis Tribal Newsletter - February, 2017
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is a publication of the Confederated
Tribes of the Chehalis Reservation. in brief

* Or current resident Native artwork
sought for exhibit
The Washington State
STUDENTS OF THE MONTH Historical Society is accepting
applications of native artwork
Kane Willis Kane enjoys all aspects of school, through March 24 to display
but especially likes reading and in the 2017 juried show In the
First grade recess time. He attributes his high Spirit.
Adna Elementary School performance at school to listening
to his teacher. He encourages other Now its 12th year, the show
Kane Willis is a first-grader at students to be quiet during class so offers an opportunity for
Adna Elementary School. He is the they can hear and follow directions. contemporary
son of Steven and Tawni Willis and Kane is active and likes to play soccer native artists
has two brothers, two sisters, two and baseball. to display
cows and one dog. Kane has a lot of talents that include their work at
reading, math, listening and riding bikes. the museum
At home, Kane loves to play and ride his Great job, Kane! in Tacoma
quad. from June
15-Aug. 20.
Naomi Bird during class. Naomi would like to play Accepted
basketball for Oakville in the coming artwork will
Sixth grade years. be eligible for
Oakville Middle School awards and
Naomi fills her time by coloring monetary prizes.
Naomi Bird finished the first and making art. She also makes sure
semester of sixth grade at Oakville to be friendly to everyone both in and The museum also will host a
with a 3.1 GPA. Naomi is the out of school. native arts market and festival
daughter of Danielle and John Bird on Aug. 19 that includes
and has one brother, one sister and a dog After high school, Naomi plans to performances by native artists
named Rex. She looks forward to going on work in construction helping to build and offers vendor booth space.
rides with her family. houses. To reach this goal, she plans to attend
trade school. She has not started exploring Applications are available
One of Naomi’s favorite subjects is math. what college she would like to go to yet but at If you
She believes part of her success is a result will start looking once she gets into high have any questions about the
of getting her work done as it is given out school. application process or In the
and completing it on time. Her advice to Naomi isn’t certain what she would do if Spirit exhibition or festival,
other students is make sure to pay attention she was chairman of the tribe, but she is sure contact Molly Wilmoth at
it would be good for everyone.
or 253-798-5926.
Mya Ortivez making sure it is turned in on time.
When other students ask how to USDA Food Program
Ninth grade succeed in school, she tells them to
Oakville High School have fun and always turn their work To sign up for the USDA
in. Food Distribution Program,
Mya Ortivez is a ninth-grader at call the South Puget Intertribal
Oakville High School and finished Mya loves sports and plays Planning Agency Food
the first semester with a 3.4 GPA. basketball, volleyball and fast-pitch Distribution Warehouse at
Mya is the daughter of Crystal and softball. 360-438-4216 from 8 a.m.-
Shawn Ortivez and has three sisters, three 4 p.m. Monday through Friday.
dogs and two cats. She enjoys spending time She plans to go to college at UCLA.
with her family. She knows it will be a challenge but she will Tribal community members
prepare for the experience during the rest of can get an application from
Mya especially likes getting to hang out her time in high school. Debra Shortman at the Chehalis
with her friends. She attributes some of her Tribal Wellness Center.
academic success to doing her work and If she was chairman of the tribe, Mya
would focus on having more youth activities The next distribution date
such as sports tournaments and conferences. is March 23. Pickup is at the
Chehalis Tribal Community
NOMINATE YOUR CHILD 360-709-1897. State the reason why your Contributed Center from 9:30 a.m.-1:30
child should be considered. Deadline is by Chehalis p.m.
If you feel your child should be nominated the last Friday of each month. Tribe K-12
for student of the month, contact Jodie Program
Smith at or
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