Page 7 - Chehalis Tribal Newsletter - February, 2017
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The Chehalis events
Center’s 1-4 p.m. March 9, 8
recent Lunch a.m.-noon March 22:
and Learn The Chehalis Tribal
focused on Wellness Center has a
the kidneys. podiatrist available to
While still a see to all of your foot
threat, the care needs.
good news
is diabetes- DIABETES
related 8 a.m.-4 p.m.
kidney failure March 16, April 20:
among Native Patients need labs,
a medicine review,
Americans foot/diabetes/
decreased physical exams and a
significantly uric acid blood test.
in the past
few years. MONTHLY
Protect your kidney function Noon March 16,
April 20: Join others
Lunch and Learn More specifically, they regulate US. Medical costs for kidney for a fun fitness
covers diabetes in sodium, chloride, bicarbonate, failure from diabetes were about walk. Starts at the
Native Americans calcium, magnesium and $82,000 per person in 2013. Wellness Center.
hydrogen. They eliminate waste Medicare spent $14 billion to
Properly functioning kidneys such as creatinine and urea treat people with kidney failure MAMMOGRAM
are essential to good health. nitrogen. They help regulate from diabetes in 2013. CLINIC
acidity. They produce hormones 9 a.m.-3 p.m.
Kidneys are about 3x5x1.5 such as erythropoietin that we Now the good news. March 21, June 6:
inches. Most people have two need to make red blood cells and Diabetes-related kidney failure With Swedish
and they are located against calcitriol for building bones. among Native Americans Women’s Wellness
the back wall of the abdominal decreased by 54 percent from Clinic. Schedule an
cavity. They are made up of Native Americans are twice as 1996-2013. This was largely appointment with
millions of nephrons. A nephron likely as whites to be diagnosed because of better blood pressure your health care
is the basic functional unit of with diabetes. Native Americans and blood sugar control. provider to see if
the kidney. were nearly five times more you’re eligible.
likely than whites to have kidney If you are diabetic, take a
Kidneys aren’t just “filters,” failure from diabetes in 1996. keen interest in keeping your
and they do more than make Reasons include high blood blood sugar and blood pressure
urine. They filter out waste sugar, high blood pressure and under control to protect your
products from the blood, help major barriers to health care. kidneys and other important
control blood pressure, make organs. If you are uncertain how
hormones and help keep various Kidney failure is a disabling to accomplish this, make an
salts and chemicals in balance. and expensive complication appointment with your health
of diabetes throughout the care provider.

Avoid 8 common toothbrushing mistakes MONTHLY LUNCH
It’s easier than one might TIPS bristles that are too firm Noon-1 p.m. March
think to make mistakes with n Using a toothbrush head 29: Rita Mercer will
oral hygiene. provides talk about “Diabetes
additional information on that is too large and Cholesterol” in
An article by Rachel proper brushing techniques. n Letting your toothbrush the PT Room of the
Grumman Bender in Reader’s Wellness Center.
Digest discusses eight common and don’t even realize it.” get old
mistakes people might make According to the article, n Not flossing regularly FOR MORE
while brushing. n Failing to brush twice a day INFORMATION
common mistakes also include: Call Diabetes
For example, a common n Brushing too hard with fluoride toothpaste Licensed Practical
mistake is not brushing teeth n Using an incorrect angle “Dental disease is totally Nurse Sandra
long enough, the article stated, Dickenson (360-709-
noting that “the American while brushing preventable,” says ADA 1660) or Christina
Dental Association recommends n Selecting a toothbrush with spokesperson Dr. Sally Cram, Hicks (360-709-1741).
brushing for two minutes, but “and a lot of it can be avoided
many people fall woefully short by stepping up your home
brushing program and having
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