Page 6 - Chehalis Tribal Newsletter - February, 2017
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Tap into Mother Nature’s remedy

Winter Tree Medicine class cultivates
knowledge of hidden healing properties

Those interested in wealth of the Northwest
discovering the healing Coastal Indian people by
properties of Northwest trees providing for them from birth
gathered for the Winter Tree to death. Cedar has many
Medicine class on Jan. 31. names and has been called
Herbalist and wild foods “Grandmother,” “Long Life
educator Elise Krohn taught Maker” and “Rich Woman
the class in Maker.”
the Tsapowum
Behavioral The cedar tree has hidden
Health healing properties along with
Meeting what it offers for daily life for
Room. Sixteen indigenous people. All parts
participants of the cedar tree can be used
learned to create basketry, paddles,
the healing canoes, bedding, rope and
properties of Elise Krohn more. The tree is fondly
western red Herbalist, wild referred to as a generous one
cedar and foods instructor because of its durability and
variety of uses.
Douglas fir trees. Participants
Elise has been working Elise described how to were shown
in this field with many other harvest medicines from the how to utilize
Northwest tribes. She said tree. She urged caution and all parts of
she is very grateful to have recommended learning from cedar and fir
been taught by influential an elder or culture keeper trees to make
instructors on her path. about the appropriate time to medicine and
She shared how to harvest. It’s best to accompany boost health
recognize each conifer and them before venturing out on during the
discussed their healing your own. That way, the tree Winter Tree
properties. Elise reminded will continue to survive and Medicine
everyone that Mother Nature’s flourish for future harvests. class. The
garden is available to shop trees have
in anytime. She encouraged Douglas fir traditionally
participants to carefully been used for
harvest the raw materials to The Douglas fir is a strong their hidden
make medicines. and adaptable tree. In the healing
spring, Douglas fir tips are properties.
Western red cedar tender and delicious. They made medicines from parts
are high in vitamin C and of different trees. They with a solid base of knowledge.
Cedar has made possible electrolytes. Northwest learned how to process base This class is only the
the rich culture and historic native people value them ingredients and combine cedar
for warding off hunger and oil, essential oils and beeswax beginning. Look for flyers on
thirst. The needles and pitch to make a Medicine Tree Chest future learning opportunities!
are high in aromatic resins Rub or facial steam for better
that fight infections and health when you aren’t feeling About the grant
stimulate immunity. Fresh well. It was an eye-opener to
young needles and dried see natural ways to prevent Funding for this program
older needles are useful to sickness used by our ancestors. is through the Suicide
battle colds and boost energy. Prevention Grant the Chehalis
The tree’s sap was used to Attendees soaked up Tribe received for five years.
seal wounds and resins were information and took notes. It promotes healthy activities,
made to seal canoes, tools and The handout was very builds teamwork and protects
implements. informative and provided our youth from this horrific
recipes. Tribal members left act. The program hopes to find
Making medicine gatekeepers and mentors to
train the trainers.
A fun part of the class
was when participants
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