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Understand risk factors of heart disease

Wellness Center raises conditions affecting the heart Heart attacks in women: TIPS FOR HEART HEALTH
awareness for Native and the blood vessels in the The most common heart
American women heart. The most common type attack symptom in women is n Schedule a physical at
of heart disease is coronary pain, pressure or discomfort the Chehalis Tribal Wellness
February is Women’s Heart artery disease. It is the leading in the chest. It is important to Center by calling 360-273-
Health Month. Heart disease cause of heart attacks. note that it is not always severe 5504.
is the leading cause of death or even the most prominent n Know your numbers.
for Native American women. With CAD, your arteries symptom. Ask one of the health care
The beauty and strength of the become hard and narrow Women are more likely than providers to check your
Native American culture rests from buildup of cholesterol/ men to have a heart attack blood pressure, cholesterol
in the family, and the heartbeat triglycerides. Blood has a hard without chest pains and are (total, HDL, LDL and
of the family is the wife and time getting to the heart, so the much more likely to have heart triglycerides) and blood
mother. Unfortunately, heart heart does not get all the blood attack symptoms unrelated to glucose.
disease is quietly affecting it needs. CAD can lead to: chest pain. n Don’t smoke. If you
many women with grave Women might also have: smoke, try to quit. For help
consequences. As the Native n Angina: Chest pain n Neck, jaw, upper back, along the way, see a provider
American population grows, or discomfort that happens shoulder or abdominal pain at the clinic. There are many
so does the number of deaths when the heart does not get n Shortness of breath options that can be tailored
related to heart disease, the enough blood. It might feel n Right arm pain to your needs.
nation’s No. 1 cause of death. like a pressing or squeezing n Getting a cold sweat n Maintain a healthy weight.
pain, often in the chest, but n Nausea n Get moving. Aim for 30
The Chehalis Tribal sometimes the pain is in the n Feeling faint minutes of exercise a day
Wellness Center’s goal is to shoulders, arms, neck, jaw or n Unusual tiredness/fatigue most days of the week. Try
raise awareness about heart back. It can feel like indigestion n Indigestion taking the stairs instead of
disease and its risk factors. (upset stomach). Angina is n Anxiety the elevator. Walk during
not a heart attack, but having If you have any of these breaks at work.
For instance, Native angina means you are more symptoms, call 911. n Eat heart-healthy foods.
Americans die from heart likely to have a heart attack. Eat whole-grain foods,
disease at younger ages than vegetables and fruit. Choose
other racial and ethnic groups n Heart attack: This lean meats and low-fat
in the United States. occurs when an artery is cheese and dairy products.
severely or completely blocked Limit foods that have a lot of
Additionally, Native women and the heart does not get the saturated fat, such as butter,
have high rates of diabetes, blood it needs for more than whole milk, baked goods,
obesity, tobacco use and high 20 minutes. ice cream, fatty meats and
blood pressure, all factors that cheese.
increase heart disease risk.

More women than men die
from heart disease every year.
However, only 13 percent of
American women recognize
that heart disease is their
leading cause of death.

What is heart disease?

Heart disease in women
includes a number of


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